Awards and Hoopla!

We Are So Proud of Our Staff and Students

Outstanding Renton Prep Students and Faculty

We want to share some of the awesome happenings at Renton Prep Christian School. With an emphasis on 21st century technology integration and fine arts, Renton Prep students and staff are accomplishing great things.

Conferences, Presentations, and Publications

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman recently published her new book Teaching AI: Exploring New Frontiers for Learning. Her book explores how artificial intelligence (AI) can facilitate communication and storytelling and, thus, learning. Since the book was published Dr. Zimmerman has been presenting at various national and international conferences educating others on the importance of AI in the classroom, among other topics.

  • Minecraft, more than just a video game. Dr. Michelle Zimmerman discussed the use of Minecraft in the classroom on an online article for CIO.

  • Dr. Michelle Zimmerman talks about how to teach AI in the classroom on the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast with Vicky Davis.

Renton Prep Student Participation

Renton Prep strives to provide a well-rounded education to train the leaders of tomorrow. Our curriculum, focused on technology and Christian values, seeks to encourage students to learn to develop their voice and use it in creative ways to contribute to the challenges of our global community. This approach to education and the advantage of being a microschool, has given our school recognition. Thus, being featured in articles that highlight our values and accomplishments. Also, our student involvement in presentations and conferences can attest to our school’s focus on training a student body that uses critical and design thinking and public speaking skills to bring solutions to social challenges.

  • Renton Prep student Afomeya Hailu was featured in AC&E Magazine Spring, 2019 issue. Click here to download the PDF and read the full article.

Afomeya's Journey