September 27, 2021

Renton Prep Christian School Receives Best of Renton Award!

We are so honored to share that Renton Prep Christian School received the Best of Renton Award for 2021! This achievement is a testament to our efforts and determination that led to our success during the last school year. Thank you Renton Reporter – this recognition especially during a pandemic is even more meaningful.

The Best of Renton

The “Best of Renton” award is determined by the Renton community. Residents vote who in their opinion is the best institution or business within the Renton area. This means that our safety procedures and teaching methods were recognized not just by industry leaders but by our community as well!
We were the first school in Washington State to meet all of Governor Jay Inslee’s reopening guidelines. Based on medical journals and scientific data, we carefully crafted a timeline to safely return our staff and students to campus. The plan proved to be successful through multiple virus mutations and ever-changing CDC guidelines. In fact, it’s still holding strong with zero Covid-19 transmission to this day!
It was important to us that we documented our school reopening plan and the timeline for future guidance. In addition, many schools are reaching out for examples of our process and teaching approaches.
Renton Prep Reopening Plan
It was our goal to use our situation as an opportunity for students to take charge of their education. Thus, we were flexible in our approach and offered students and families different options such as remote learning, hybrid, or 100% in-person learning. We found that many students took this chance to focus on their interests and accelerate their studies.


An Award-Winning Curriculum

At Renton Prep, the success and well-being of our students are our top priority. That’s why we put so much hard work and dedication into improving our curriculum and teaching methods. Our belief is that Renton Prep Christian School succeeds when our students succeed. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our award-winning innovative approaches and curriculum.