See What Makes Us Different
We are confident that your child will love Renton Prep. But you don’t need to take our word for it. The parents of our students have written some phenomenal words of testimony about our school. We invite you to read their words and decide for yourself.

“One of the reasons we enrolled our two boys at Renton Prep was because the school takes their natural curious nature and engages them. The things that they notice and work to understand at such a young age (5 and 8) are amazing, and the way the school encourages them to be curious and to work through how and why things work is remarkable. The structure that the school has given each of them allows them to focus on the task at hand while questioning the how and why. The boys were excited to get back to school during the summer and asked each day when they go back to school. They are excited each day to go to school, and this is due to the loving, caring, encouraging, and inspirational atmosphere that Renton Prep and its team of teachers and administrators provides to the children that attend this school.”
– Parent of Kindergarten and 3rd graders

“RPCS addresses the needs of the 21st century student. The faculty and staff provide learning opportunities that maximize our children’s learning and potential in a safe and loving environment. The education that they receive at RPCS is a solid foundation for high school and higher education. Most importantly, RPCS provides a God-centered education!”
– Parents of a 4th and an 8th grader

“My daughter thrives at Renton Prep. She is learning to be a resourceful, enthusiastic, and confident student in a safe and nurturing environment. A rigorous academic curriculum gives her enough challenges in the classroom, and various field trips make learning fun. Also, we as parents love the fact that Christian values are instilled in every aspect of the school.”
– Parent of 6th grader

“From the cutting-edge curriculum and excellent leadership to its commitment to faith and creative arts programs, Renton Prep Christian School is a wonderful environment for education and personal growth. My children never cease to come home full of excitement, confidence, and pride. I could not be more pleased with this excellent school!”
– Parent of 3rd and 5th grader

“I love Renton Prep’s zero-tolerance policy on bullying. I have peace of mind knowing that my daughters feel safe and happy at school.”
– Parent of 3rd grader

“I’ve always believed that a good school is a school that helps children discover their talents and interests so they could reach their fullest potential in life. What I mean is not just a school that imparts knowledge to children but a school that nurtures and develops every child’s God-given skills and abilities so as to prepare them to be contributors to the betterment of their communities and the world. In a few words, this is also how I will describe Renton Prep Christian School to you. In RPCS there is a balance of the pursuit of academic excellence as well as an emphasis on good Christian values and discipline. There is also that sense of being in a community at RPCS. In fact, it almost seems to be like a family, and this makes me feel confident and assured that it is a safe place for my child. Being a parent of an immigrant family, the safety of my kids is at the top of my priorities. In the 4 years that my son has been going to RPCS, I have experienced in numerous times and ways how Dr. Zimmerman, together with the teachers and staff at RPCS, have shown how they sincerely care for the welfare of my child and of our family. I would like to thank God and them for all the help and assistance that they given us in our time of transition to this new country. Blessings to all of you!”
– Parent of 5th grader

“I could not imagine a more ideal place for my three young daughters to begin their early educational lives than Renton Prep Christian School. It was important to me that the school we chose would share the same values that my wife and I believe to be most important in bringing up our children — in particular: family, integrity, and of course education. Renton Prep not only makes the claims to have these values but most importantly demonstrates them every day. The entire faculty and staff create an encouraging, respectful, and nurturing educational environment all in the framework of structure and standards, both academic and behavioral, expected of each of the students. The curriculum is rigorous; however, I believe that this makes the satisfaction of completing it even more rewarding. Additionally, things such as the integration of cutting edge educational technology, an emphasis on the arts (in particular the performing arts), and the high parental involvement in the school makes it an enjoyable, supportive, richly diverse, and wonderful community in which to belong.“
– Parent of 2nd, 3rd and 4th grader

“My children joined Renton Prep Christian School in 2016, and I am glad to say that their educational journey has been amazing. The school challenges them to be all God created them to be. My children find the environment to be welcoming and friendly and love going to school. I have found that my children have individual tailored learning paths with support and guidance from the teachers and staff who are there to ensure that all their students thrive and are successful. I would like to thank the Zimmermans for creating this innovative, safe, secure, Christ centered environment.”

– Shelton C.

“Our daughter joined Amazing Grace in the 1st Grade and is now at Renton Prep in the 4th Grade. From Day 1 she has enjoyed the teachers and the overall environment. The diversity of the school has given her an appreciation of different viewpoints in a supporting and nurturing environment. We are very grateful for the love and care the school has shown our daughter while providing her a top tier education. I would sign her up all over again.”

Greg H.

“In the time that I have worked at Renton Prep Christian School I have grown immensely as a teacher. I have been challenged to be the best teacher I can be and do what is best for my students. The school has always provided the resources that I have needed to be effective in reaching my students. I believe that this school is focused on the ministry of sharing God’s word and doing what is best for the students all the time.”

– Abbey Z. (Middle School Teacher)

“This is our son’s second year at Renton Prep and the growth, advancement and socialization improvements are very good. He’s really flourished in being able to communicate as well. The entire staff and facility are great! We feel very blessed to be able to send our son there.”

– Derek S.

“With more than a decade of experience in ministry at and Renton Prep Christian schools I’m often asked what sets our schools apart and allows them to succeed as Microsoft Showcase Schools that are known across educational programs and throughout our local communities. The answer is simple. It begins and ends with Christ at the center of all we do, and our core values that are pivotal to the learning, collaboration, and innovation that you will experience on our campuses. I am thankful to be part of a team that is so strongly committed to each aspect of our mission statement. As a result, I have seen how the lives of students and families are being transformed by the learning environments and community that exist. I personally have been given many opportunities to grow as an educator. It is a blessing for me when students come back to visit and share how much they enjoyed their time at RPCS, how well they were prepared, and the joy it brings them to be able to come back to place that has had such a positive impact on their lives.”

– Lauri N. (Teacher)

“…my children never cease to come home full of excitement, confidence, and pride. I could not be more pleased with this excellent school!”

– Tamra Hood

“When you send your child to school for the first time, you want her to be in a safe environment, one that will protect her physically and emotionally. You also want to know that she will be challenged and supported intellectually. You want her to not only be taught the ABC’s but also how to be a good person, be confident, and be a strong leader. We are so happy that we found Renton Prep because we are 100% confident that our daughter is safe, happy, loved, and is being intellectually prepared for her future. We have seen how she has developed into a beautiful, confident young person who enjoys challenges and asks questions about anything and everything. We owe a lot of her development to Renton Prep. Thank you.”
– Parent of 4th grader

“We love Renton Prep Christian School! As parents we love RPCS because it helps strengthen the values we teach at home. RPCS provides a loving and challenging place for our daughter to learn and grow. Kaitlin loves RPCS because of her life-long friendships and caring teachers. She hears stories from friends outside of RPCS about bullying, disruptive classes, and a list of other complaints, and she always tells her friends that RPCS doesn’t have those problems. It brings a smile to my face everytime I hear Kaitlin speak of RPCS because she is so proud to be part of the RPCS Family. We love that RPCS puts the bar for education, values, and behavior high for all students, and we share in the belief that children can reach those high expectations with proper support and love. We love that when our daughter complains about school work and, when we ask if she would prefer public school or a different private school, she quickly responds that she wants to be at RPCS. We truly appreciate all the staff and teachers at RPCS for helping our daughter mature and grow into a caring, educated, and loving young lady with strong Christian beliefs and values. Thank you RPCS!”
– Parent of 6th grader

“Every day we totally entrust our children to the care and guidance of RPCS knowing that they are safe and genuinely loved by each and every faculty member as if they were their own. In addition to the top-notch education provided to my daughters at RPCS, they are taught self-respect and, most importantly, that God loves and will never forsake them throughout their lives here on earth. It truly brings us great peace, as parents, knowing that our children have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, and that by His grace we are saved and will ultimately be together in heaven. I have complete faith that the spiritual influence and biblical teachings instilled by the exceptional RPCS educators will remain with my daughters throughout their lifetime, and I cannot express how blessed we are to have our children as students at RPCS.”
– Parent of 5th, 7th and 10th grader

“Renton Prep Christian School transformed our children’s education. The professionalism, insight, and expectations the teachers have demonstrated here are remarkable. Our daughter entered the third grade at RPCS, and with the patience and skilled guidance of her teacher, she rose to the occasion to meet her new classmates academically. She embraced the new responsibilities and learning opportunities with great excitement, and her confidence and love of learning has grown immensely. As our son completed kindergarten, he rated approximately the same academic level of an outgoing second grader in general, but both children additionally covered many more complex topics that they were fascinated by along the way. His teacher exceeded our every hope and prayer in guiding him. While we are astonished at the level of learning taking place, the real testament to our experience is the level of spirituality that has come to our family. Our home is filled with hymns learned in chapel, grace and judgment based on Jesus’ example, stories retold from the Bible, and the witnessing of prayers being answered. We as parents could not have quantified the value of this Christian foundation being awakened in our children and reawakened in ourselves.“
– Parent of 5th and 8th grader

“My grandchildren, who relocated from Australia, attend Renton Prep Christian School and are in Grade VIII and Grade V. Concerned about their adjustment I visited them recently and was pleased to find them well-adjusted and well accepted in the school. They are enjoying the new methods of teaching in collaboration with Microsoft, whose new technology they try out before it is actually released to the public. Very impressive! Under the guidance of their teachers they have advanced academically in an atmosphere where learning is interactive and fun. I like the way the school conducts different field trips to expose the students to activities which enhance their classroom knowledge in a practical way while teaching them to interact with the world outside their school. My grandchildren and their schoolmates are personable youngsters, respectful and well-mannered yet full of youthful energy to explore and enjoy life. I was particularly impressed by the multi-racial, multi-cultural makeup of the staff and students and the way everyone blended together. I return to India knowing my grandchildren are in a safe school which is giving them the right academic and moral learning experience.

– Jennifer D.

“This is the 7th school year that our family has been a part of this wonderful school. They two daughters absolutely love going there. It’s a small school with extremely hard-working teachers and staff. I love their zero tolerance policy on bullying. I feel confident that my daughters are in a safe environment and any issues we’ve brought up have been addressed immediately. I’ve been particularly impressed with their use of technology in the classroom. They are a Microsoft showcase school, meaning the kids are able to take advantage of some of the latest in educational technology and the staff has taken trainings and certifications provided by Microsoft. As a result, they recognize the power of technology, but also understand that it’s one of many teaching tools, which they can combine with other methods in the classroom.”

James H.

“My children get a rigourous education at Renton Prep – but more importantly to me they are learning to work hard and to help others. The school is a Microsoft Showcase school – the technology is used as a useful tool for collaboration, research, and expressiveness and not as focus in of itself. Over the last ten years, my children have become good people that I love to be around – and a lot of that has to do with Renton Prep. My children enjoy the school and enjoy their classmates and they look forward to school every day.”

– Ben J.

“Renton Prep is a school that is founded in Christ. There is joy in the students, teachers, and staff because of the hope in Christ that is instilled. Renton Prep team strives to create a caring and safe environment for all students. Students are challenged to show and apply their understanding in a variety of ways, including visual designs, projects, STEM, discussion, and technology artifacts. It is truly a wonderful school to be a part of.”

– Kayla V. (Middle School Teacher) 

“My daughters have learned how to learn at this school. They have developed skills around researching and using their creativity while having fun learning. This is a school with a unique vision and mission to give students strong skills while learning about God’s love for them.”

– Susie S.