Head of School’s Greeting

From Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, Renton Prep’s Executive Director

Remarkable Results for our Students

All loving parents want the best education for their children. Their heart’s desire is that their kids will grow up and be more successful than they were. This is the essence of the American Dream. Sadly, school choice is not possible for many families, and they manage the best they can with the challenges and issues in schools today. A private school option is a wise investment in the future that cannot be overestimated.

Renton Prep opens the door for families to provide the best foundation for their children’s future. It’s more than a school in the traditional sense. We do apply proven traditional aspects but go far beyond it. As a Microsoft Showcase school, we embrace the changes that technology has opened in the world. As a Christian school, we align our priorities to fuel spiritual development enabling us to live out our values. As a globally connected community, we strive to nurture authentic relationships and foster ongoing progress. These values together make Renton Prep a school that has drawn worldwide attention!

Renton Prep Christian School began in the 1960’s with a vision to prepare graduates to make a positive difference locally, nationally, and globally. In 2009, we adopted Harvard University’s “Mind, Brain, and Education” concept of learning. By embracing new and better innovations in education and technology, we achieved that goal and continue the quest today. Out of this energetic source of growth, we were led to rename our accelerated middle and high school, Renton Preparatory Christian School that occupies the former Renton City Hall. We seize many opportunities to extend learning outside of the classroom through online global collaboration and make sure our students are exposed to Fine Arts opportunities in the region.

Our campus houses students from many countries, cultures, and faith traditions. Because of this, they understand, respect, and appreciate diverse cultures. While our students learn about and experience living out the Christian faith, they also see, hear, and experience different faith traditions. We recognize and honor that everyone has his or her beliefs. We engage in dialogue and seek to understand other’s spiritual perspectives as we walk in the light of Christ.

Renton Prep is serious about our six Core Values: CREATIVITY, HUMILITY, RESOLVE, INTERDEPENDENCE, SIMPLICITY, and TRANSFORMATION. For parents searching for the right school, the decision is about more than the school’s academic reputation, it’s also about balance in life. Also, Renton Prep parents embrace our commitment and work with us to create an environment that is safe, respectful, loving, and kind. We are blessed with dedicated and caring educators, outstanding facilities and resources, and tremendous parent and community support.

This website provides an opportunity to get a small taste of the values and quality education we never stop pursuing. At Renton Prep, even the students teach the teachers! But there are also intangibles that can only be experienced in person.

We invite you to submit an application inquiry form. Once received and processed, our office will contact you to schedule an interview, evaluation, and tour. Our students are clearly becoming creative and competent Christian examples to others over the earth.

You’ll surely know these kids are the global leaders of tomorrow, and I dare say you will feel better about the world!


Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, Executive Director at Renton Prep Christian School

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