Extended School Care

Before and After Extended Care Program

Renton Prep Extended School Care Program Policies and Procedures

Contact Number for Extended Care Programs: (206) 723-5526
Before School Care Hours (All students): 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
After School Care Hours (All students): 3:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.
Charges: $0.10/min, or $6.00/hr

The goal of the Extended Care Program is to provide a safe environment for students during the hours before and after school while parents are at work. This program is dependent upon adequate enrollment to pay associated costs and therefore may not be available at all times. Parents will be notified if this should occur. When offered, it is open to any student attending RPCS in the mornings and afternoons for Kindergarten-Prep through Eighth grade. The Extended Care program is conducted on a drop-in basis and no special enrollment is necessary. All charges are accrued over a one month period from the first of the month until the end and will be added to the student’s TEP account for payment by the following tuition due date (15th). June extended care charges will be due no later than the Monday following the last day of school. Students may not attend the extended care program unless all fees are paid when due.

Late Pick-Up Fees

The Extended Care program hours are expected to be abided by at all times. Parents are responsible for arriving in a timely manner to pick-up their students each day. If a parent should become aware that they will be arriving late they must call the school to notify the childcare provider. Late pick-up fees will apply. ALL students picked up after designated pick up time will be charged an additional $100.00 fee for any fraction of the first half hour and $50.00 for any fraction of each half hour thereafter.

Automatic Drop-In Status

Students in Kinder-Prep through 8th grade arriving more than 15 minutes prior to the classroom doors opening (8:30 a.m.) will be checked-in to before school care and parents will be charged for this service. Students are not to loiter on campus or wait in the front lobby before 8:15 a.m.

Campus dismissal occurs between 3:30-3:45 p.m. each day. Students in Kinder-Prep through 8th grade remaining on campus after the dismissal period will be checked-in to the after school care and parents will be charged for this service.

Parents/guardians or approved pick-up individuals must come inside to personally check-out their student from after school care. Students leaving must have their barcode scanned to be properly checked out. Once picked up, students may not continue to join after school care for any reason.

Extended Care School Activities

Morning activities include a quiet time of reading books, playing quiet games, and occasional gym time or art activities. Students may also work on homework or school activities while waiting to join their class.

Afternoon activities include a snack time (provided by the student), a short quiet period, study and Readiness Work time, games, art activities, and clean-up time. Videos are used on a restricted basis, and will only include age appropriately rated movies.

SURFACE USE: Students are only allowed to use their devices for school approved work, homework or activities (Edmentum, Discovery Education, Minecraft: Education Edition, etc…) No outside websites/games/activities are approved during the time a student is in before/after school care. Students in violation of this rule after having been reminded may lose the option to use their Surface during times of care.

ROUGH HOUSING/YELLING: All roughhousing, yelling and active play (tag, wrestling, etc…) are not permitted at any time during before/after school care for the safety of all students. Students are expected to maintain behaviors appropriate to indoor activities and be respectful of all RPCS property. Students in violation of this rule after having been reminded may lose the option to access before/after school care.

Notes Regarding afternoon extended care and playground use after school:

  • Families staying or using playground after school ends

    Parents are responsible for watching their children while they’re on the school grounds once they have picked them up and they are not in extended care. Parents are responsible for making sure their children are safe and follow the campus rules. The playground at Renton Prep is a public playground and Renton Prep assumes no responsibility for any Renton Prep student except those who are signed into the Extended Care program.
  • School Issued and Personal devices in extended care:

    Students are allowed to bring their digital devices to extended care for readiness work and project use, students must have a laptop carrying case to transport their digital device. All of the same Acceptable Use Policy Guidelines apply in extended care. Digital devices may be used to complete work related to school goals.
  • Children with no Readiness Work in extended care:

    We suggest that parents who have their children in extended care after school for more than 1 hour, provide their children with other materials that they can work with while waiting. While a student may not have readiness work, this time is a great opportunity to work on skills and make additional progress.
  • Supplies:

    We are requesting that for children who stay longer than 1 hour at least 3-4 times per week that they have a supply of pencils, crayon & markers for extended care. This is especially applicable to Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students. All students need to have a supply of pencils and paper as well when staying in extended care.
  • Goals:

    Our overall goals for extended care supported by the extended care teachers is for the children to have a productive, fun & safe time while waiting for their parents. We appreciate parent partnership in this and making this time a great time to reinforce classroom learning and skills.


Snacks are not provided by RPCS in the morning or after school; however, your child may bring a snack if they were not able to eat a good breakfast before leaving home or would like a snack during after school care. Students may not share food with another student at any time while on campus as noted in the Student Family Handbook.

Check-In / Out Procedures

All students attending Extended Care MUST be signed in and out by adults authorized to transport the child. These adults must be listed on the student’s Renweb information and may be asked for identification when picking up a student. Students are to be scanned in or out by the child care provider using the barcode recording system so that we may best protect your child and comply with licensing regulations.

Parents must come to the Extended Care room to pick up your child when you arrive in the afternoon. Every student MUST be accompanied by an adult authorized to be with your child before leaving the room. If students leave Extended Care without being signed out, the parent will be charged for the entire afternoon.

Behavior Management and Discipline

The Extended Care programs goal is to teach children how to solve conflicts and treat each other as Jesus has directed in the Bible. Students choosing to not follow the rules laid out by RPCS and as directed by the childcare provider will have a reminder sent to all parent/guardian for notification and follow-up expectations. Please refer to the Student Policies Discipline section of the handbook for more information.


Medication will not be administered during extended care hours.

Contact Number for Extended Care Programs:

(206) 723-5526
Be sure to leave a voicemail so the childcare provider can call you right back if they are busy with another student/parent at the time of your call. Thank you!