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Renton Prep is no ordinary school. With multiple awards and recognitions, our Micro-School is the pioneer in private education. Renton Prep opens the door for families to provide the best foundation for their children’s future.
  • Christ-Centered and Technology Enhanced Micro-School
  • First U.S. K-12 School to be selected as a Microsoft Flagship
  • School Participant
  • Workforce and College Preparedness Courses
  • First Cognia STEM Certified K-12 in WA
  • Student Led IT Initiatives and Presentations
  • A Microsoft Educator Community Micro-School Personalized and Adaptive Learning

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Be ready to change lives. Students at Renton Prep Christian School use their voices to contribute solutions to the challenges our global community faces. Questions about our master-apprentice approach? See below.


To inspire a passion for harnessing emerging technology for teaching, learning, critical thinking and sharing the hope of becoming responsible and productive citizens, whose legacy will leave the world a better place.


By providing a well rounded; technology enabled Christ-Centered Education


To offer a secure and technology enabled Christ-Centered School where students learn to use their voice to contribute solutions to the challenges of our global community.

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The 4th century Greek philosopher, Socrates, encouraged critical thinking as a method to evaluate and assess scenarios. Part of our DNA is a subtle understanding that every teacher is also a student, and every student is also a teacher. Our teaching approach is relational and affirms the innate abilities of the students. With the kind of love that only comes from God, we strive to utilize technological advances and Biblical principles. By so doing, the students experience a balanced lifestyle in their hearts and minds. Renton Prep motivates students to achieve and write their OWN success story. We encourage this sort of learning and with the advantage of technology, there is no limit on the growth of our students… learn more


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