About Renton Prep

Learn more about Washington’s first K-12 school to earn the Cognia STEM Certification
A Legacy of Excellence
At Renton Prep we believe that tools are only as effective as the people who use them. We are passionate about providing an inclusive and safe environment that guides students as they grow and struggle to find their own identity. Renton Prep is a community guided by Christian values that does more than educate. We help young minds grow into the best possible version of themselves, so that they can tackle the challenges of both a modern society and a modern economy.
The Teaching Approach that Makes Renton Prep Unique
The 4th century Greek philosopher, Socrates, encouraged critical thinking as a method to evaluate and assess scenarios. Part of our DNA is a subtle understanding that every teacher is also a student, and every student is also a teacher. Our teaching approach is relational and affirms the innate abilities of the students. With the kind of love that only comes from God, we strive to utilize technological advances and Biblical principles.
By so doing, students experience a balanced lifestyle in their hearts and minds. Renton Prep motivates students to achieve and write their own success story. We encourage this sort of learning and with the advantage of technology, there is no limit on the growth of our students.

Research-based Learning Practices
Renton Prep is fully committed to integrating the best teaching and learning practices from research-based discoveries that are emerging from the learning science fields of neuroscience, psychology, and education. We are interested in connecting cognition, neuroscience, and educational practice, especially involving learning, teaching, and cognitive and emotional development.


To inspire a passion for harnessing emerging technology for teaching, learning, critical thinking and sharing the hope of becoming responsible and productive citizens, whose legacy will leave the world a better place.


By providing a well rounded; technology enabled Christ-Centered Education


To offer a secure and technology enabled Christ-Centered School where students learn to use their voice to contribute solutions to the challenges of our global community.