Elementary School

Learn About our Private Christian Elementary School in Renton, Washington
Our elementary program serves Kindergarten Prep through 5th-grade students in Renton, Washington. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional education for children where we emphasize on the importance of our school’s Christian values. This is instrumental for developing our students’ learning skills. Our curriculum involves real-world activities that engage our students in interactive work such as field trips and other engaging opportunities.

Age Guidelines

You will need to show a birth certificate for your child (or a similar document, such as a passport, that shows birthdate).

Kindergarten Prep

To enter Kindergarten Prep, your child must be 4 years old on or before August 31st of the year they wish to enter.


To enter Kindergarten, your child must be 5 years old on or before August 31st of the year they wish to enter.

1st Grade

To enter First Grade, your child must be 6 years old on or before August 31st of the year they wish to enter.

Our Core Beliefs

  • The Kindergarten Prep curriculum is aligned with state standards and is integrated across subject areas encouraging students to see connections
  • The Partnership for 21st Century skills framework and ISTE’s NETS for students and teachers guides the teaching and learning at our school
  • Students learn best when engaged in project-based and constructivist learning grounded in real world applications
  • Assessments and achievement levels are performance based
  • Learning should not be confined to classrooms and textbooks. Learning needs to expand beyond the classroom walls and reach all corners of the globe
  • A small learning community, including parents and students, best serves our Kindergarten Prep students. Parents can help their child best when kept fully informed on how he/she is progressing in school
  • Students are challenged with problems that develop student knowledge and skills while requiring them to be creative and innovative
  • All students need a caring adult who will know them well, guide their progress, and ensure their success
Renton Prep Christian School | Private Christian School in Renton, Washington

Kindergarten Prep Academics

Strong academics are the centerpiece of the Renton Prep experience. We have tailored our challenging yet personalized instruction to each student’s needs and abilities. Our dedicated teachers provide individual attention and classroom interaction in our small class settings, which optimizes mastery of both subject matter and the learning process. We aspire to create effective, curious, and resourceful students, providing in them a solid foundation of knowledge that will allow them to succeed in high school and college, as well as form a passion for life-long learning.

Dynamic, Collaborative Learning

We recognize the importance of fully engaging the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical qualities of each student. We create a dynamic, collaborative learning environment that thoughtfully integrates comprehensive Biblical teachings, mastery of Core Knowledge content, and fine arts experiences.

Early Childhood Curriculum and Assessment

  • Accelerated academic courses that are technology-enhanced and allow students to move at their own pace

  • Project-based 3D technology-enhanced learning opportunities with an accelerated curriculum that allows students to apply what they are learning in math and science class to real-life engineering and technology projects

  • Multiple offerings in music, art, and drama field trip experiences

  • Support services such as before- and after-school structured tutorial services, monitored study halls, and peer tutoring

  • Access to laptops as a necessary requirement for technological, cultural, and global literacy