WE Rise Above Cyberbullying

Legal Judgment and Findings of Fact

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WE Stand together on Social

In early 2018, you may have noticed that our social media went silent for a little over a week. And you may have noticed the relentless social media attacks on our school and faculty. Those posting these false comments with intent to discredit and damage the work of our mission are connected to a family that sued the school and lost. Discrediting our mission is something we take seriously. Every time a student excels, is highlighted in an opportunity, speaking engagement or award, or whenever our school is celebrated, a new campaign is launched. As of March 28, 2018 these have numbered over 150 times on 6 social media platforms and there certainly could be more than the 110 pages of screen shots we have captured. One account alone has gone as far as to tag, reply to positive posts, or mention over 108 different individuals and organizations, spreading disparaging remarks including contacts with which the school partners for the advancement and education of our current student population.

We will continue to teach and model how to speak and post positively, as well as the reality of cyber attacks. We will continue to be advocates for children of all races. As a WE School, our commitment is that WE Rise Above Cyberbullying.
Social Media went silent
social media attacks
false comments
attacks have numbered
108 tweets
Teach and Model
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Advocates for Children
WE Rise Above
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