May 19, 2021

Best Teacher School Award 2021

Best Teacher School Award 2021

Our school and Dr. Michelle Zimmerman won another award! We are honored and happy to be selected as the Renton Reporter’s 2021 “Best of Renton” awards for business and community. From launchpad speaking to business excellence and everything in between, we strive to carry out our mission, vision and action with our student and the community.

Award from Renton Reporter’s 2021 “Best of Renton”

See below to read the full letter received from the Renton Reporter. Click here to view the letter “Best of Renton 2020-21.”


Dr Michelle Zimmerman and Renton Prep,

Congratulations on being selected as a winner in the Renton Reporter’s 2021 “Best of Renton” awards for businesses and community.

What a year to receive such recognition and what a testament to the work you do and the services you provide. This year, of all years, is one that you can look at this award and take particular pride in the recognition. You have gone above and beyond at a time unimaginable – and boy are we glad that you are serving in the position you do as we Best Renton 2021 Renton Reportertraverse a global pandemic, an economic disaster and racial unrest- a trifecta on the mental health in our community for sure! You are a continued source of stability and leadership in the lives of our future leaders and we thank you for providing that continued example.

On behalf of the entire business community, THANK YOU for all that you do to set a bar of excellence in service to our community, work in your field and example you set in the community. We appreciate groups like you that puts “caring” at the top of your list. We are honored and humbled to have such a great relationship with your department as part of our membership – and even more so, appreciative and grateful for the opportunity of working collaboration and partnership that we share. Please find a plaque to proudly and reflect upon the community’s votes of appreciation for you all as leaders during 2020.

Please find enclosed a gesture from Puget Sound Energy to thank you for being a beacon of light for others to follow. And a coffee card from the Renton Chamber for you to try out a local small business while providing a little kick and energy to get through another day ahead.

And this year, more than others, thank you for continuing day in and day out as you too had to stop and pivot and find the most creative ways to meet the needs in our community. For your service, your commitment to this community and all that you continue to do.

With respect and admiration,

Diane M. Dobson
Chief Executive Officer
Renton Chamber of Commerce

This year’s event sponsored by the Renton Reporter, Renton Chamber of Commerce and Puget Sound Energy

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