Commendation Form Appreciation Posts_ Student and Faculty Member
April 8, 2019

Renton Prep Commendation: Highlighting Student and Faculty

The holidays are the season to be thankful and to give. Also, as a Christian school, at Renton Prep we work to instill a spirit of service and hard work. So today, we want to highlight student Karrick Johnson and faculty member Michele Cooper. At our school, we use commendation forms to appreciate the work and character of students and faculty members.

If you would like to recognize a student, or a faculty member, please feel free to fill out and share the Renton Prep Commendation Form.Commendation Form Appreciation Posts_ Student and Faculty Member

3rd Grade Student – Karrick Johnson

In a commendation form, Karrick was recognized by teacher Kayla Vrudny. The student was highlighted for his piano performance on December 1st. Karrick had a piano recital where he played all of his pieces by memory. This performance was for friends and family in his home and his piano teacher said that he played 18 short pieces.

Karrick practices the Suzuki method and has completed book 1, which means he is now considered an intermediate piano student. Further, Karrick did an awesome job in playing his pieces and showing performance etiquette. We are so proud to see our students accomplish milestones from a young age. And we have a feeling this will not be the last one. Bravo, Karrick!Karrick Johnson

Teacher’s Spotlight –  Michele Cooper

At Renton Prep we love to highlight students, but our faculty also deserves praise for their hard work. To that end, another faculty member wrote a commendation for Mrs. Cooper:

“She is a gift to each classroom she wants in. I appreciate how she reinforces the rules of respect while also keeping a calmness about her. She is ready to help and cover classes at the drop of a hat. She provides great insight into the behavior of students, which I see particularly at break and recess when the students open up to her about their lives. I’ve been encouraged by how she both counsels students and teachers in light of our faith. Thank you Mrs. Cooper for how you daily support both staff and students!”

On behalf of all faculty members and students, we want to thank Mrs. Michele Cooper. Her dedication and guidance is valued and makes our school stand out from the rest.

Renton Prep Pride

At Renton Prep, we are so proud of all of our students and faculty for the hard work and commitment they show everyday. The Renton Prep Commendation Form is for families, students, and faculty to share great stories in and out of school. So do not hesitate to share any accomplishments to highlight your student or faculty member!