Renton Stories
September 28, 2020

Renton Stories Wins Three National Awards

In 2016, Renton Prep began an endeavor to upgrade and refine our digital presence. Of course, our staff, students, and families have always had an understanding of who we are. However, we wanted to show off to the world exactly what makes Renton Prep so great. From the students, teachers, technology, creativity, engaging thinking — there’s so much here. As part of our digital revitalization, we created Renton Stories to put the successes of our students and our learning process on display.

Now, we are proud to announce those video stories have gone on to win national awards in 2020. These awards include two Communicator awards (for campaign and website redesign), a Hermes Creative Award, and an NYX Video Award.

What is Renton Stories?

The Renton Stories series was created to showcase the student experience and successes at Renton Prep. After a collection of video from the Renton area and interviews, it was completed in 2017.

In 2020, those video stories and our website won several national awards thanks to the dedicated work from our marketing partner, energyhill. After the energyhill team rolled out a new look for our website in 2016, we wanted content about our students and school to fill it. With this in mind, we created Renton Stories.

“We created a video series to communicate students’ successes and opportunities. The profiles we’ve completed show the exemplary work of Renton Prep students and the honors they have received.” – energyhill

There are so many exceptional students at Renton Prep, so finding individuals for this campaign was easy. With that said, sharing the experiences of students who have connected with Renton Prep’s technology-first approach was a delight.

National Awards for Renton Stories

Renton StoriesOn the whole, Renton Stories won three national awards. The Renton Stories video campaign received a Platinum award in Brand Video from the Hermes Creative Awards. The Hermes Creative Awards honor the creative industry’s best branding collateral, advertising, video, and marketing every year. Notably, platinum is the highest honor from the Hermes Creative Awards.

Additionally, the 2020 NYX Video Awards recognizes the success of the Renton Stories campaign with a gold award. The award celebrates the greatest ideas in marketing, communication, and video concepts. Lastly, the campaign received an Award of Excellence from The Communicator Awards. This international award recognizes strategic, effective, and meaningful corporate communication.

Award for the Renton Prep Website

In addition to awards won for Renton Stories, the Renton Prep website also won one award. In the Website Redesign category, we were awarded an Award of Distinction for the new website. The website improved Renton Prep’s standing as a foward-thinking global leader in educational technology. Coupled with improved search engine optimization and organization, the new design also generated over 60-times more web traffic for Renton Prep.

Showcasing the Renton Prep Family

Every day, we are so proud of the accomplishments of our students and staff. It’s these bright, intelligent people who make up our Renton Prep family, even after they leave.

With our website redesign and Renton Stories, we were able to share their unique stories and successes with a global audience. Together with the recognition through these international awards, people around the world are able to see the reasons why Renton Prep is a top K-10 school.

To learn more about our school and our approach, contact us today.