Renton Prep Students Receive Accolades on Amazon
January 4, 2018

Featured on Amazon – Renton Prep Students Rise Up

Renton Prep students were featured on Amazon! That is a great thing for teens. At the WIPTTE conference they were invited to participate in a design challenge for a book about technology. The conference leaders were so impressed with the students that they invited them to co-author a chapter, and it was published as chapter 26 in the book. Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, PHD, the Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning Sciences at Renton Prep, authored chapter 17. And chapter 25 documents Renton Prep’s involvement with photos of our students.

Preteens as Researchers Influencing Little Lives

For parents seeking the BEST education for their children, here is a layman’s glimpse at one of the most prolific hatcheries of genius on the planet. By layman, I mean like most of us because if you view the link presented, you will be overwhelmed by the advanced level of learning going on at Renton Prep.

Renton Prep Students Receive Accolades on Amazon

Conferences Impact Students

Even the conferences the students attend have huge titles. For example, there is the WIPTTE, Workshop on the Impact of Pen and Touch Technology in Education. Dr. Michelle Zimmerman gave us insight on the behind the scenes process that allowed them to collaborate together.

Featured on Amazon and Internationally

Here is a glimpse of what the students at Renton Prep have accomplished, not only being featured on Amazon but also published internationally with Springer Publication located in Germany. Talk about success! The tools and technology of today demands an education that keeps up. Renton Prep not only keeps up – they blaze new trails. They know the mind is a beautiful thing, and they plan on developing it.

A proven technique used by Renton is to allow students to teach younger kids. This ownership factor increases the rate of learning for all. At Renton, it is a common thing to observe students leading the teachers in the pursuit of knowledge!

The Mentoring Aspect

Okay parent, get a cup of coffee and click this link: Aqua. This talks about inking and touch devices. It is an illustration of how preteens are deployed as researchers to teach preschoolers. Today, kids identify in a totally special way with older kids. It’s one of the magical techniques students use at Renton Prep. In the presentation, feel free to scroll back and forth.

You will notice:

  • Kids using computers with digital pens
  • Preteens guiding preschoolers
  • A project on ELECTROPHORESIS (This is the process of observing DNA – We all know that! Right?)
  • Young people holding a think-tank
  • A story of apprenticeship
  • Swing-dance sketching

Technology and Passion

Renton Prep uses technology to maximize learning. The teachers are always investing in the students, and they are enabled with modern technology. Whether it is a 3D virtual lab or Microsoft’s Hololens, students and teachers are taught to use these tools. Two elements, EARNESTNESS of HEART and EXPERTISE in TECHNOLOGY, combine for a maximized impact on lives. Educators from around the globe are coming to Seattle to see it for themselves. We are honored to share the good news.