September 30, 2021

Renton Prep: A 2021-2022 Microsoft Showcase School

We are so proud that, for the fourth year in a row, Renton Prep is recognized as a Microsoft Showcase School. We hold this acceptance dear to us as it reflects our staff members’ dedication and hard work to our students. This confirms that Renton Prep’s well-rounded innovative curriculum challenges our students and sets them up for success.


What is a Microsoft Showcase School?

A Microsoft Showcase School is an exclusive group of schools around the world that embody the visions of the Microsoft company through innovative teaching methods. Schools that qualify use technology to provide a student-centered and immersive education that stimulates brain development and inspires learning.

In Microsoft’s mission to empower individuals to achieve more, they’ve developed education award programs that support qualifying schools and educators in using technology to empower their students. Schools that fit the criteria of a Microsoft Showcase School receive benefits such as admission to local or global Microsoft events, exclusive offers, product support, and access to the latest resources available.

Receiving this title is no easy feat. Schools must follow Microsoft’s rubric of skills to be eligible. In addition, due to the special circumstances that occurred last school year, Microsoft added another stipulation for participants. Along with presenting a new transformative learning experience, schools must have also effectively managed last year’s sudden transition to remote learning. That means that not only were our inventive approaches recognized but so was our leadership in last year’s hardships.

In order to join the program schools first must study the Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework. This guide is a template on how schools can build a strategy that successfully empowers their students.

When schools initially join the program they begin on what Microsoft calls the incubator path. From there, schools begin to grow and advance until they reach the Showcase School criteria. There are only two times per year for schools on the incubator path to apply and become Showcase Schools.

MIE Expert Program

Microsoft doesn’t just have an award program for schools, they have a program for educational pioneers as well.

The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert program is intended to highlight educators from around the globe who are using technology to create a better learning experience for students and transforming the education industry. That’s why we are proud to say that we have MIE Experts in our staff— Dr. Michelle Zimmerman and Lauri Nichols!

In order to join this exclusive program, educators begin with the Microsoft Innovative Educator program. This program includes online courses of professional development as well as access to the Microsoft Educator Center—consisting of more than 1 million members worldwide.

Along with the official title, Microsoft provides additional benefits and resources to MIE Experts. Not to mention Microsoft hosts an annual Education Exchange Event for their MIE Experts members to connect and share their experience with each other.

An Innovative Curriculum at Renton Prep

Here at Renton Prep, we believe technology is the key to creating a superior learning experience for our students. Microsoft’s recognition confirms that our dedication and innovative methods are preparing students to succeed in the future.

Contact us today to learn more about our research-based curriculum and our advanced learning practices. Enrollment applications for the 2021-2022 school year for early childhood through 10th grade are currently open.