December 8, 2023

Renton Prep: A Leading School in AI Education

Generative Artificial Intelligence is a branch of AI that can create new content, such as text, images, music, or code, based on existing data and rules. This technology has enormous potential to transform various industries and sectors, from entertainment and media to healthcare and education. According to a recent study, generative AI could add more than $4 trillion dollars annually to the world economy by 2030.

One of the pioneers in applying generative AI to education is Renton Prep, a Renton, Washington school that offers a personalized and project-based curriculum for students from preschool to 10th grade. Renton Prep’s Executive Director, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, at the request and support of ISTE and General Motors, wrote the first book in the world, on educational AI entitled: TEACHING AI: EXPLORING NEW FRONTIERS FOR LEARNING. Now translated into five languages, and published in the United Sates, Korea, Taiwan, China, South America, Europe and most recently 7 Middle Eastern Arabic Gulf States, provides insights and guidance on how to use AI tools and platforms to enhance teaching and learning for global governments, corporations, universities and schools.

At Renton Prep, students and teachers use a variety of generative AI tools, such as Microsoft Reading Progress, Reading Coach, Reflect, Immersive Reader, Search Coach, Speaker Coach, Speaker Progress, Aleks, Discovery Education, Dreambox, and more. These tools help students develop their reading, writing, speaking, and problem-solving skills, as well as their social, emotional, and spiritual growth. They also provide teachers with data and analytics to monitor student progress, identify learning gaps, and provide personalized feedback and support.

Renton Prep is committed to using data and analytics to know and support their learners with evidence, in real time, and to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of the AI era. If you want to learn more about Renton Prep and their innovative approach to education, visit their website or contact them here. You can also order a copy of Dr. Zimmerman’s book here. Don’t miss this chance to discover how generative AI can transform your learning and your life.