September 30, 2019

Deanna Wright: Certified National Geographic Educator

Each day, students and teachers at Renton Prep are reaching new milestones. To that end, we want to congratulate our kindergarten teacher Deanna Wright for being awarded the National Geographic Educator Certification! What an incredible accomplishment for her and for our school. We are so content with the students and staff that make Renton Prep the institution that it is. Thank you Deanna Wright for the hard work and sacrifice you administer to our school every single day!

Educational Breakthrough

When Deanna came across the opportunity to become a National Geographic Educator, she sought it through. National Geographic offers this certification to individuals who have a zeal toward building geographic competency and inspiring students to change the world. With Deanna Wright’s passion for nature and taking care of the earth, she was the perfect candidate. It took devotion and effort to score this achievement.

The Steps To Certification

The National Geographic Educator Certification roots itself in its Learning Framework, which builds upon attitudes, skills, and knowledge areas that embody the attributes of an explorer. In order to earn this certification, all entrants are to engage in the following 3 steps:

  • Participate in a 1.5-hour workshop focused on National Geographic’s Learning Framework and the philosophy of teaching about the world.
  • Implement a set of lessons or activities inspired by themes from
  • Complete a two-to-six-minute video presentation that clearly demonstrates students’ increase in the attitudes, skills, or knowledge areas outlined in the National Geographic Learning Framework.

To see the lesson plan that Deanna Wright created, click here. Also, see her video presentation below.

“The process involved a lot of reflection on my own teaching and how I can continue to improve.”

Deanna Wright

New Perspectives

Participating in this great opportunity gave Deanna Wright much space for self-reflection. In fact, she was able to learn more about the National Geographic Framework and the goals that it comprises. In addition to discovering more about herself, she also noticed that many of Renton Prep’s goals and values align with that of the National Geographic Learning Framework. Additionally, the experience allowed Deanna to connect with educators from around the world who share the same devotion for nature and earth. And thanks to this program, her kindergarten students were able to Skype with a sixth grade class from North Carolina.

“I am happy to be connected with other amazing educators around the world thanks to this program.”

Deanna Wright

Swaying Students Toward Success

When educators take initiative in the community and in the classroom, it averts students from the idea that there is a limit. In other words, it inspires students to exceed and go above and beyond. When our kindergarten class witnessed their teacher earn the title of a Certified National Geographic Educator, it expanded their desire to achieve more. This experience has taught them that dedication, effort, and hard work will lead to many blessings.

Congratulations, again, to Deanna Wright! Renton Prep is honored to be equipped with educators who bear passion and fervor for education. Soon enough, our students will be able to be leaders in a thriving future. Dive deeper into our approach by visiting our website or feel free to contact us today!