NCCE 2018 Grants Awarded to Renton Prep and Amazing Grace
April 8, 2019

NCCE 2018 Grants Announced

Our relationship with NCCE began in 2010 when Michelle Zimmerman’s students began volunteering and presenting. This is our school’s 8th year with NCCE. This year, our schools will make history again. We have a record number of faculty presenting at the largest educational technology conference in the Pacific Northwest. Eleven of our faculty submitted proposals to present to other educators about innovative ways they have been teaching your children, collaborating with faculty, the fantastic results they are seeing, and their professional growth and learning. NCCE selects a limited number of the best proposals each year to share knowledge and help other educators from across the United States transform their classrooms and schools. The NCCE 2018 grants are listed below.

NCCE 2018 Grants Awarded to Renton Prep and Amazing Grace

Photos from NCCE 2017

Last year, Renton Prep made history in having 4th grade students as the youngest ever to present and speak at Northwest Council for Computer Education. Those students were mentored by middle school students.

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Through the Eyes of a 10-year-old: Self-Guided Learning

Have you ever wanted to see the world through the eyes of a 10-year-old? Have you ever thought about a 4th grader’s perspective on education and learning? In this session elementary and middle school students present on how technology allows them to builds skills of independency, interdependency, problem-solving, mentoring, perseverance, communication, and more. By building these skills at a young age, students will be prepared to enter the ever-changing age of technology ready to create, share and mentor others. Learn through the perspective of 10 through 13-year-old students as they speak about using OneNote and Sway for elementary self-guided and STE(A)M learning.

Certified MIE, Presenters, and NCCE 2018 grants

In addition to this great news, you may recall hearing that our entire staff are Certified Microsoft Innovative Educators (Certified MIE). The next level up is called Microsoft Innovative Education Experts. To achieve this title, educators submit applications, a digital artifact, and show how they are making transformational change in the classroom with technology and preparing children for the future. Six of our staff were selected through the rigorous approval criteria and review committees. As part of that program, educators are eligible to apply to receive grants for National Educational Technology Conferences. In order to receive a grant, the educator needs to submit a proposal to one of the major educational technology conferences. Then the MIE Expert needs to complete an application and proposal to receive the grant.

Microsoft Innovative Education Experts Presenting at NCCE 2018

NCCE 2018 grants went to faculty and staff. Our educators and 8th and 9th grade students have the opportunity to attend NCCE from February 14-16, 2018 and hear the Keynotes Dan Rather, Legendary Journalist and News Anchor; Toni Townes-Whitley, Corporate Vice President, Industry Microsoft: We are pleased to announce that the following educators have made the high honor of receiving MIE Experts (see last years MIE Experts), accepted proposals to present at NCCE, and each have received NCCE 2018 grants as Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts to represent Renton Prep and Amazing Grace at NCCE from February 14-16, 2018:

  • Abbey Zenk
  • Kayla Vrudny
  • Jessica Pilsner
  • Lauri Nichols
  • Susan Thompson
  • Michelle Zimmerman

Educators presenting at NCCE 2018

In addition to the MIE Experts above, the following educators are also presenting at NCCE and have received a grant from Seattle Public Schools Federal Funds to present and learn through Professional Development:

  • Renee Barr
  • Samantha Fredericks
  • Erikk Hood
  • Susie Sung
  • Tamra Hood

Renton Prep Educators will be Presenting and Professional Development

The Northwest Council for Computer Education Conference is at the Seattle Convention Center in Seattle, WA, February 14–16, 2018. Our staff will have the opportunity to both share innovative practices with local and national educators, as well as learn new content to bring back to your children. There will be no school for students in Pre-K – 7th grade February 14-16. 8th and 9th grade students will be volunteers and get a chance to learn from sessions, keynote, practice building a professional network and their resumes. This was not easy. The faculty, staff, and students excel. The NCCE 2018 grants go a long way to the future of education at Renton Prep and Amazing Grace.


Susan Thompson, 2nd Grade teacher:

Samantha Fredericks (Spanish) and Jessica Pilsner (6th grade):

Abbey Zenk (5th grade and RP Director), Lauri Nichols (AG Director), and Kayla Vrudny (3rd Grade):

Panel moderated by Michelle Zimmerman
Renee Barr (Math)
Tamra Hood (4th Grade)
Susie Sung (1st Grade)
Samantha Fredericks (Spanish)
Erikk Hood (8th and 9th Grade)

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