born digital MS HoloLens
September 29, 2017

Technology: The Only World They Know

Today’s student does not know a world without digital technology. Most Renton Prep students already know how to use the internet, computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Kids today view these devices as vital aspects of life.

born digital MS HoloLens

Babies Are Now Born in the Digital Era

Previously, generations were defined by world events, such as world wars, economic crises, and civil rights movements. However, today’s generation of digital natives defines itself by the number of technologies it uses. This has led to the development of an “app mentality.” Basically, digital natives believe that if something is necessary to their lives, it should be easily accessible via an app. If an app doesn’t exist, it should be created. If an app can’t be created, than maybe people should reexamine their need for that particular product or service.

This integral relationship with technology defines the way students communicate with their peers, teachers, and parents. It also provides a great opportunity for engaging with students on issues like technology-dependency.

Strengthen Creativity by Using Technology

Some believe that reliance on technology and apps to meet our daily needs leads to a level of laziness among today’s youth. However, the proliferation of creative resources now available to a wide cross-section of students reveals otherwise. The rise of platforms like Minecraft, Digicubes, Code Warriors, Scratch and others has opened up new creative avenues to students. In recent months, there has also been a heavier focus on alternate and virtual reality applications that can transform a student’s surroundings. Read more on augmented reality.

Students have developed robust digital lives that they consider integral to who they are. Where Generation X or Baby Boomers might have seen computers as a tool, today’s youth sees technology as part of their identity and an extension of themselves.

Leading the Charge for Change

At Renton Prep, introducing and familiarizing students with the latest in modern tech is central to our mission. Whether it is working directly with AR/VR, or using technology to present to a room of 200 people, Renton students are poised to drive change through their use of modern tech. To find out more about Renton Prep and our approach to technology in today’s educational environment, please contact us today.