The Educational Benefits of Augmented Reality
August 28, 2018

The Educational Benefits of Augmented Reality

There are few aspects of society that have benefited more from advancements in technology than education. The personal computer revolutionized coding and web design learning. Mobile technology also brought about massive change in our understanding of the digital world. And of course, there is no denying that the World Wide Web has put research only a few clicks away. One of the next anticipated technology innovations is augmented reality (AR). Once again, augmented reality in education will be an absolute game changer.

The Educational Benefits of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Defined

Before we can understand how to incorporate augmented reality in education, let’s first understand what it is. Per the Merriam-Webster dictionary website, augmented reality is defined as: “an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device” (i.e. a smartphone or augmented reality lens). Unlike its cousin virtual reality, augmented reality relies on input from the its surrounding environment and then enhances that environment. Advances in augmented reality tech, such as Microsoft’s HoloLens and mobile apps, has made it easier than ever to bring AR into the classroom.

Augmented Reality in Education

Educators are just starting to use augmented reality in the classroom, but already the applications and enhancements to learning are obvious. Augmented reality can:

  • Illustrate spatial and mathematical concepts through virtual modeling
  • Encourage the use of new technology and devices to generate student familiarity
  • Engage the student with the learning experience like no other tool

When students access augmented environments, student engagement and retention rates soar. Even with the youngest learners, augmented reality in education can develop social and emotional skills, as well as give small children the chance to understand and manipulate technology from a young age.

Applications for Augmented Reality

At Amazing Grace and Renton Prep, we pride ourselves on offering our students the latest and greatest in education and learning. Whether through the use of augmented reality applications, or specific devices like the HoloLens, we are committed to preparing our students for a world beyond the classroom. What better way to start than through the technology of augmented reality.