Technology in Private Schools: The Future of Education
April 8, 2019

Technology in Private Schools: The Future of Education

Renton Prep is proud to be a Microsoft Showcase School and so are our teachers and staff. We’re “all-in” and as time moves on our graduates are becoming leaders and innovators in the global workplace. Because of technology in private schools, the future of education is on display at Renton Prep. We have many advantages that attract parents globally to send their children to us, and we have every intention not to disappoint.

Technology in Private Schools: The Future of Education

Learning and applying the newest and best technologies is always a challenge, but we pursue it while simultaneously achieving high academic scores. The freedom of a private school allows us to innovate and apply educational resources quickly and with superb results. Let’s briefly focus on the advantages of enrolling your child in a school with this sort of mindset.

The Advantage of an Entire Faculty and Staff Immersed in the Concept of Technology in Private Schools

Our Head of School and Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning Sciences, Dr. Michele Zimmerman, is passionate about the advantages of a private school and the application of technology in education. Under Dr. Zimmerman’s leadership and network, our students are reaping the benefits of using forward thinking methodologies, as well as having opportunities to engage globally with leaders in technology.

74% of teachers agree that technology enables them to reinforce their lessons. PBS LearningMedia

According to Pearson Foundation’s survey More than six in ten college students and high school seniors agree that tablets help students to study 66% more efficiently and help students to perform better in classes by 64%

Graduates Lead in Technology

The teachers share this powerful balance at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. As year after year of new graduates step out into the world, we are receiving phenomenal feedback. Their success equals an increase in opportunity for future graduates and students. This makes us proud and it energizes us to keep doing the right things. We continually work hard to keep up with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math as foundations.  We include the arts as well in the form of integrated projects, digital ink, and our yearly dance performance. View Truth and Bravery Dance show highlight reel from May  2017.

“We embrace the changes that technology has opened in the world.”

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman

Best Teachers

Our Staff and Faculty are equipped and prepared to make a difference in students’ lives. Our teachers are the best. They have a rigorous and daunting task of staying current with technology and education… and what is coming. Every teacher is trained; every student gleans the benefits. Our teachers travel and lead in panels, conferences, and technology events. Additionally, our philosophy of education is hands-on, enabling the students to grow and learn.

  • Every student at Renton Prep uses their “Surface” laptops with the same software business leaders use. Because we are a Microsoft Showcase School, they become familiar with the tools that are used in their future workplaces and in some cases, the businesses they start.
  • Our Virtual Reality Lab immerses the students in a topic of study that is fun and bridges the gap between educational content and the world. (View Alden’s story, one of our 6th graders.)
  • With PowerPoint, Sway, and other Microsoft software, the students learn how to make presentations exactly like professional adults do in the business world.

The Advantage of Students that are Engaged in the Process of Technology in Private Schools from Elementary Grades and Up

It is well established that private schools offer many desirable features.

To teach their children the necessary skills for an ever-changing world, many parents are choosing private school education. Here is the 2016 results of SAT scores for private education vs. public:




Private Schools




Public Schools




The Our Kids website details the advantages of a private education.

  • Enriched academic opportunities
  • Smaller classes
  • Parental involvement
  • Dedicated teachers
  • A safe environment
  • Community environment
  • Ample resources
  • Shared educational philosophy
  • Development for today’s and tomorrow’s world

Students are involved in the Education Process

For balance, many of these advantages are present in good public schools. Where the advantage comes in private schools is in the totality of all of these points together. It’s more than just technology in private schools. Renton Prep carries it to the next level by implementing a collaborative style of instruction. The teachers not only are excellent at teaching, but they also encourage the students to teach them. Students have input into the process.  They learn how to make presentations.  They learn how to speak in public and gain ownership in the process. We believe that this master apprentice approach delivers a well-rounded education.

The Advantage YOU Can Make for Your Child Today

Let’s face it, if you OWN something, you will take better care of it. Shouldn’t our minds be the top priority of what we own? Do we send our kids to school to be indoctrinated or educated? The heart of Renton Prep is clearly spelled out on our website,


It is this solid foundation that allows our school to become a community, a workplace, and a center of life-changing, life-molding activity.

Take the first step in this exciting journey for your child by filling out our short APPLICATION FORM. Discover how simple it is to begin a transformation in your family. You’ll cherish this investment forever.

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