August 28, 2018

Renton Story: Alden Johnson

Alden Johnson’s Story, a 6th Grade Engineer.

Alden Johnson is a 6th grader at Renton Prop. He loves the unique way that Renton Prep helps him become immersed in his studies. For instance, he’s able to enhance his PowerPoint presentations with voice-overs and then build confidence by delivering the information in person to his classmates. Alden enjoys the fun and collaborative environment at Renton Prep.

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Video transcript of Alden’s Story:

Alden: Hi, I am Alden Johnson. I am in 6th Grade at Renton Prep.

One thing we do here a lot is presentations. Not only does it help us learn about the things we’re supposed to learn about, it also helps us with our public speaking skills.

At Renton Prep, we use a lot of Microsoft products including PowerPoint, with the extension off Office mix. It allows you to add voice-overs to each of the slides on the Power Points.

I think that I’m able to learn better at this school than some others because we do research and then we share that research with the others.

We have a virtual reality lab here at Renton Prep. I like it because it makes assignments fun and exciting. The VR lab allows you to go to different places, and I enjoy the freedom of learning and the awesome space that we are able to learn in.

I want to be a technology engineer or a software engineer. I’m drawn to it because it’s pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

The feeling of the school, like people not making fun of you for what you like and what you wanna do, is awesome.

I would recommend this school to anybody because it allows you to be creative and collaborative.

RPCS | Alden Johnson

Wrap Up

Students at Renton Prep, like Alden, benefit from a special approach to teaching that offers in-depth and comprehensive coverage of a topic in addition to real-life experience. While Alden hopes to become a technology or software engineer, some of our other students have different goals. That’s what’s great about our school. Each child learns skills and receives experiences that will go with them on any life path they choose.

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