RPCS Blog Truth and Bravery Dance
August 28, 2018

Truth & Bravery Dance Show

For the past 18 years, Renton Prep teachers and educators have encouraged students to embrace their artistic side by participating in the annual dance show. Started by Dr. Michelle and Gloria Zimmerman, the dance show is a way to incorporate physical education, movement, and history into one afternoon. By highlighting historical dances, such as swing dancing or waltzing, Renton Prep students learn about some of the world’s most popular dances and a little bit of world history.

Every Year is a New Theme

Different themes are chosen every year to highlight different dances and music. However, every show incorporates Renton Prep’s faith and core values. The truth and bravery dance theme for 2017 allowed the dancers to highlight Christian themes and values. These values are reflected by song choice, dance, movement, costuming and staging.

More Than Just a Performance

As observed by one of our teachers and Director of Operations at Renton Prep, Abbey Zenk, the dance show is about more than the performance. “I thought that the personalities of students and the creativity of students came out in the choreography and dances really clearly.” A student’s mother even communicated to Ms. Zenk that her son has “…really broken out of his shell since coming to Renton Prep,” and that “…he truly looks forward to coming to school and participating and learning!” 

A Message of Unity

As the dance show has continued annually, the number of student participants has increased, including the dancers’ age ranges. This has led to a mentorship opportunity for older students. Those who have previously participated in the show help their younger counterparts feel comfortable on stage and perform their best. This is also one of the events at Renton Prep that brings together both campuses.

Beyond the Dance Floor

As Ms. Zenk noted, the theme this year “…is a message I hope that they never forget; amongst adversity, struggle, and those who are going to put you down, that they remain brave and stand on the truth of Christ.” At Renton Prep we are so proud of our students and their accomplishments, and we’re thrilled that we can celebrate these values of Christ – truth and bravery.

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