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Director: Administrative and Family Services

The Director of Administrative and Family Services is part of the Administrative Leadership Team. A hallmark of this role is the ability to anticipate the needs of others, exercising independent judgment in important matters that relate directly to the management of the school. It requires maintaining polite and professional communication via phone, electronic communication, mail and in person. This position is a year-long contract that recognizes some administrative tasks will occur outside of the calendar days and hours that school is in operation.

This role involves the responsibility and authority to make decisions free from immediate direction or supervision. The role grants the authority to address, correct, document (and escalate to others on the Administrative Leadership Team as needed) behaviors, actions, and situations that are in misalignment with school policy. This role is authorized to schedule and conduct meetings directly with students and families to address and correct misalignment. This role is also authorized to draft behavior contracts for students and faculty who are in misalignment with policies and protocol based on a provided template, job descriptions, documentation, and observations.

Responsibilities Overview

The decision-making authority could include, but is not limited to addressing:

  • late/overdue financial obligations from families

  • behaviors identified as HIB (and documenting with the electronic form)

  • leave requests and substitute assignment messaging on behalf of the school to families individually and school-wide

  • mandatory reporting (i.e. notifying leadership of concerns of abuse prior to following through on next steps)

  • Transcripts, High School and Beyond Plan

  • Faculty tardies/leave documentation and sub requests

  • Involvement in the interview process and decisions during initial review for candidates and interviews for hiring

  • Involvement in portfolio review and decision-making for promotions

  • New Student and Family Tour Scheduling

  • Showcase and Flagship School Tour scheduling

  • Contracts and Scheduling with Community/Services