Job Expectations

What Makes Renton Prep Unique

As an AdvancED Internationally Accredited school with a STEM Certification, and a Microsoft Flagship School aligning with the Transformation Framework, our expectations for faculty are high. We expect excellence in the classroom for classroom management, laughter, joy of learning and academics supported by technology.

We expect educators to share their learning, supporting the mission, vision and brand promise we have made to families and learners. We are a faculty and staff who are prepared at all times to speak with local and global visitors, press, families, and young people to share our joy for learning, transformation, and why we do what we do. Our team is part of creating ongoing transformation, continually learning with those we lead, and knowing that each of us are leaders in our own sphere of influence.

  • Coaching and Support

    We have a support structure in place to help with faculty learning. Coaching and support is available as team member become more skilled educators in the expectations of high quality and standards we promise to deliver to families.

  • Summer Professional Developement Expectations

    To foster excellence and ongoing transformation, we provide two weeks of paid professional development and collaboration time beginning in August. Our expectation is that this time is used to ensure a solid foundation for the upcoming school year. This time may include guest speakers and trainings in Trauma Informed Classrooms, CPR (every other year), field trip planning, and project based learning planning as well as developing curriculum content and lesson plans.

  • Classroom Management Expectations

    We have promised a safe, and secure environment to allow learners the best opportunity for success in learning. This can only happen when educators are aware of behaviors in the classroom and address social and emotional learning as part of an ongoing commitment to preparing young people for more than just academic knowledge.

    We expect educators to accurately identify, address and document behaviors and communicate with families. We also expect educators to report misalignment with safety and behavior protocol, Student Handbook, and class created policies, setting a clear plan for action and goals to remediate misaligned behavior that can harm self, other learners or disrupt the educational process.

    Educators should demonstrate consistency in addressing student behavior quickly, clearly identifying that we care about the students too much to allow them to learn habits that will distract from their positive development and learning. We expect educators to demonstrate that above all, they care about each individual and will facilitate reconciliation through listening to all sides of a story, identifying the root cause of the negative behavior (with help from the Leadership Team when necessary) and guiding through the process of asking for and offering forgiveness.

    We expect clear and accurate documentation protocol to be followed, to protect yourself, the school, and learners. When behavior concerns arise, documentation will be used as part of an investigation to determine the best course of action. Educators should notify the Leadership Team of concerns, ongoing behavior patterns, and ask for assistance when necessary.

  • Social Media Presence Expectations

    As part of a school that is researching, learning, and leading the way in global education, we expect educators to help share the story of the learning that is taking place under their lead. This should take the form of documenting through photography and video, then posting as a microblogging on Twitter, and having a LinkedIn presence to write a minimum of one blog post each year. Photos from class or personal Twitter accounts will be selected to highlight on our school’s Instagram and Facebook. Learning captured may be on site or off site at other learning experiences.

  • Presence Expectations

    We expect educators to be able to be present and actively engaged with students on all work days contracted for 198 on-campus days of student instruction, in-service preparation, faculty collaboration before and/or after instructional periods, school events, and other days determined by the School.

    To be actively engaged includes direct instructional time, actively monitoring student progress, checking in and asking questions, monitoring behavior and classroom management, and not on social media or cell phones for non-school documentation purposes. Faculty members are expected to be present and available at the school from 7:45 AM to 4:15 PM Monday through Friday. Faculty are to remain on campus during lunch breaks or other breaks during these hours.

  • What If I don't Want to Move Toward Leadership?

    Not every educator feels comfortable with that level of complexity. Those who do, and wish to take more responsibility in leadership, creation, accountability and design, can progress in that track and assist and support in the design and progression of content, scope and sequence, and mentoring others.

    By an educator’s third consecutive year of teaching at Renton Prep, we would like to see movement toward or progression in higher education. To be eligible for career progression regarding the educator’s higher education:

    1. the degree or certification must be completed

    2. explicit connections need to be drawn between course of study and impact in the classroom or school(s) as a whole

    Obtaining a degree or certification is not enough in itself to automatically be granted career progression or an increase on the Compensation Framework. There needs to be evidence of learning from the advanced degree or certification transferring to the educational setting for positive impact. In addition to evidence of learning transfer, all basic job descriptions for the category must be met prior to moving up on the Compensation Framework.