Educator Career Growth

Compensation Framework Overview

Requesting a Review for Career Progression

All educators at Renton Prep are eligible to negotiate promotion on the career progression Compensation Framework. They can request it in January, for the second half of the current school year, and in June, for an increase the following school year. All incoming educators new to Renton Prep will begin at the scale progression 1 on the Compensation Framework. From that base, we take into consideration the following:

  • Prior classroom experience that aligns with our model and transfers to curriculum design, and technology classroom implementation experience

  • Evidence that aligns with our model

  • Relevant certifications

  • Degree(s) held in the field of education

January Review Request

A request for review must be submitted in writing by the contracted employee to the Leadership Team, no later than December 14th, to be considered for a January review. This request for review should include a series of requested dates in January when school is in session for review when all parties involved in the review are available to meet.

June Review Request

To be considered for a June review for the following school year compensation increase, a request for review must be submitted in writing to the Leadership Team, no later than May 14th.

Keep in Mind

The review will require the requester to successfully present tangible evidence that demonstrates and supports the claims for career progression. Presenting evidence during a review does not guarantee career progression. The Leadership Team will meet and review the evidence presented to determine the alignment with performance matching the job description of the current career level, the thoroughness of the evidence submitted that supports the request for the career progression to the level requested to advance, and a commitment from the employee to return the following year. Maintaining an ongoing portfolio will assist in helping educators tell the story of their career progression, student progression, and our school’s story as a team.