Addressing Cyberbullying with Microsoft Store
July 5, 2020

Addressing Cyberbullying with Microsoft Store

Cyberbullying thrives all across media platforms and affects people of all ages. Predominantly occurring within teens, victims of this problem are having trouble coping with the pain it can produce. According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, more than one in three teens have been cyberbullied. The Microsoft Store has partnered up with experts of cyberbullying to create workshops that expose the necessary solutions to resolve the online disaster.


The workshops are located at all Microsoft Stores in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Their main goal is to implement guidance and solutions. In addition to analyzing the many forms of cyberbullying, the workshops administer good advice in a safe and relatable environment. It doesn’t take much experience to qualify inspiration. Nasir Andrews, an 11-year-old with passion, influenced the “Preventing and Combating Cyberbullying” workshops. Nasir shared a video in which she personally details her experiences with bullying. Similarly, Nasir’s desire for change motivated her to start her very own anti-bullying campaign known as #backdownbully.

The Vision of Microsoft Store

“When I was being bullied, I wished there was someone to talk to,” stated Nasir Andrews. “I tried to look for help on the internet and at school, but it was hard to find. Resources would have made me feel like I had help and support.” Microsoft Store recognized their responsibility to allow people to serve others through technology. Victims of cyberbullying should have the proper resources to help them fight through the battle. Because parents didn’t grow up in the advanced world of technology, it has become difficult for them to identify cyberbullying. To that end, Microsoft Store has produced the “decision tree” to help parents classify the signs.
Cyberbullying Infographic

Prevention and Combat

The workshops aid students with convenient resources so they can feel safe. They also combine technology with information, thus, teaching parents how to identify the problem, while helping students create a plan to conquer existing or future instances. Determine new ways to cope with cyberbullying and how to help your child overcome it. Download the cyberbullying infographic for a quick overview of this problem.

Renton Prep Cares

Bullying and other forms of harassment are taken very seriously here at Renton Prep. We ensure a safe and protected environment for all of our students. In order to avoid the issue altogether, we must speak up on every occurrence. As a result, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman will share a presentation on what she learned about school law and cyberbullying. Learn more about her approach.

We also strive to implement a method of teaching that fosters compassion towards each other. At Renton Prep, we make sure our students know the importance of using technology responsibly and viewing others as equal. In addition, there are extracurricular activities that our students engage in that nourish their self-image and promotes cooperation. One example is dance. See the importance of dance and how Renton Prep is aiding in boosting students’ self-esteem.

At Renton Prep, we care about our student body and their overall well-being by adopting a zero bullying tolerance policy. Contact us and join us today.