The Importance Of Dance In School
April 8, 2019

The Importance Of Dance In School

At Renton Prep, we’re passionate about teaching students in a technology-enabled, Christ-centered environment. However, that doesn’t mean STEM subjects are the only ones that matter to our team of educators. We are committed to turning young people into well-rounded, happy adults. That’s why we enthusiastically encourage students to take part in a wide range of extracurricular activities and artistic pursuits. In particular, we cannot overstate the importance of dance in school.

The Importance Of Dance In School

What the Studies Show

Research shows that dance in school has a profound effect on wellness. It can enhance joy and tranquility among struggling students and alleviate stress in schools impacted by violence and bullying. The link between physical activity and educational achievement is well-established. However, dance has the added benefit of improving mental function, boosting self-esteem, and aiding confidence. The result is a happier, healthier student body.

Additionally, dance education offers profound social benefits for students. For instance, a study of dance in classrooms in New York revealed that 95 percent of teachers saw significant improvement in students’ abilities to cooperate with one another after engaging in dance in school. Other studies echoed these claims, showing that dancing together encouraged students to demonstrate increased respect, tolerance, and acceptance.

A Commitment to the Arts

While many public school students receive some instruction in the arts and physical education, institutions are quick to eliminate these programs for budgetary reasons. Even when schools do value artistic endeavors, available programs tend to focus on music and visual arts rather than dance and theater. As part of our commitment to promoting a truly well-rounded education, Renton Prep strives to ensure that all students have the chance to benefit from the power of dance.

Here is a Video recap of Last Year’s Dance Performance:

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