Renton Prep Teaches Compassion With Tech
September 30, 2019

Renton Prep Teaches Compassion With Tech

Renton Prep has built a reputation for teaching students to harness the power of technology. Not only to enrich education but also to develop responsible and productive citizens. To that end, our school’s educators are passionate about using technology to develop compassion in the student body. And as of late, the world is taking notice.

Renton Prep Teaches Compassion With Tech

Recently, top educators and delegates from Taiwan, Croatia, Brazil, and South Africa visited Seattle to see our school’s strategies in action.

“[Students are] really interacting with the technology in a way that’s emphasizing humanity and empathy and compassion, and something for global good, rather than sitting behind the screen and passively receiving information,” said Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, the school’s executive director.

Some educators view technology as the enemy to socialization. However, Dr. Zimmerman believes it’s a crucial tool for helping students learn and grow.

How Renton Prep Is Using Technology to Develop Compassion

It’s no secret that technology can be harmful to human interactions, facilitating online bullying and driving a wedge between people. However, Dr. Zimmerman believes that, when used properly, technology can also bring people together. Along with preparing its students for college and the workforce, Renton Prep has created digital citizenship programs. These initiatives are designed to help students view others as equals worthy of their respect.

“When technology becomes the foundation for a student, it becomes easier to see people from other parts of the globe as humans and not just the other,” Dr. Zimmerman commented.

Adapting to a Changing Landscape

As technology starts to play a greater role in our schools, teachers have to take on new responsibilities. According to Dr. Zimmerman, that means examining the ethics surrounding everything from AI to self-driving cars. The goal is to develop a new understanding of digital citizenship that recognizes the positives and negatives of technology, and teach that philosophy to children at an early age.

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