Summer Teacher Training Stories-Deana Wright's Experience in Uganda
September 18, 2019

Teacher Training Stories: Deanna Wright’s Experience in Uganda

Renton Prep’s Summer Learning Teacher Stories highlight the summer break of our teachers and staff. So, we want to thank our kindergarten teacher Deanna Wright for sharing her summer adventures with us. As you also may have heard, she was recently honored as a Certified National Geographic Educator. These teacher training stories serve as an eye-opener for students and other educators as well. In July 2018, Deanna Wright had a pleasant experience in Uganda. She spent a month there and brought back lots of inspiration she can incorporate in her classroom and in the lives of other people. Here are the amazing things Deanna wright was able to experience during her trip.Uganda Nature

Limited Resource Teaching Training

Along with fellow teachers from around the world, Deanna Wright traveled with a program called Limited Resource Teaching Training (LRTT). LRTT’S mission is to tackle the global challenge of providing a quality education for every student by connecting and working with inspiring educators around the world. Working together with others, Deanna also partnered with 11 in-country teachers. In addition, they traveled between three schools to provide observations and coaching during the weekdays. On the weekends, they hosted conferences for the teachers on the latest teaching practices. For example, the conferences were focused on:

  • Climate for Learning
  • Preparation for Teaching
  • Teaching for Learning
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Professional Culture and Mindset

Impact and Nature

Deanna and her team were stationed in Kanungu District, Uganda for teacher training.
“Our lodge was within the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and located at the top of a mountain. Each morning I would wake up to a beautiful view of the jungle and mountains around me!”

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During the training, she was able to experience the joy of the schools she entered. For example, the students love to start each class with a song and dance. So, the teacher volunteers were transformed by the amazing benefits of musical connection. Similarly, Renton Prep values dance. Our Nostalgia With Purpose Christmas Program is a great example. Research shows that dance in school has a profound effect on wellness. It can enhance joy and tranquility among struggling students and alleviate stress in schools impacted by violence and bullying. Additionally, dance education offers profound social benefits for students.

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The in-country teachers are committed to installing the practices these teacher training conferences taught them. During one conference session, Deanna and other educators talked about using natural resources in the classroom such as bringing nature inside during a Science lesson. The following observation day, some students searched the outdoors to find plants they can bring into the classroom for a Science lesson on the parts of a plant. Another teacher took his students outside to look at the mountains and valleys during a Geography lesson.

Ugandan Culture

During her travels, Deanna Wright also had the opportunity to experience the culture of Uganda. Some of her many adventures included traveling to:
  • Entebbe- the home of the President of Uganda
  • Kampala- the capital of Uganda
  • Jinja- the source of the river Nile
  • The Ugandan Equator
  • Lake Bunyonyi- fourth deepest lake in the world
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari
  • Mountain trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  • Mountain Gorilla Coffee Factory

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Serving globally

Renton Prep desires to reach others globally. Sharing what we have learned with others who aren’t as fortunate is one element that drives our school. We believe that all young people deserve an education. For that reason, our teachers and staff are more than happy to travel within and outside the country to spread learning.
“I had a desire to serve in Africa since I was 10 years old. I loved having this dream come true in Uganda. It reignited my passion for teaching as well. I was reminded why I went into teaching in the first place. I wanted to see an impact on the world and help the future generation understand the power they hold.” – Deanna Wright
Not only are we able to help others through these experiences, but the people we come into contact with also adjust our perspectives. To learn more about our school’s approach, contact us today.