Self Reflection for Successful Teaching
January 30, 2020

Self Reflection and Development for Successful Teaching

Throughout our Renton Prep Christian School blog, you will see many posts discussing student progression and involvement in education. As a school, we do like to focus on how we can empower, inspire, and motivate students to take advantage of their human capacity. However, it is just as important to focus on teachers, who are ultimately the source of education for those students. Teachers are more than just classroom instructors. In fact, people of all ages can be teachers, whether you are a parent, employee, student, or manager. It is a gift and we want to highlight how technology and self reflection can augment teacher experiences.


When #MIEExpert Michelle Singh was a rookie teacher, she quickly understood that technology would play a big role in her approach. This is evident for most educators in the field today. According to PBS Learning Media, 74% of teachers agree that technology enables them to reinforce their lessons. As a result, technology has come a far way and will continue to play an even more crucial role in the coming years.

“As a classroom teacher, I became technology savvy because my students required it. One of my students taught me how to use Windows Media Player – way back in the day. It was at that time I realized how much technology can empower my teenage learners to show what they know, have a voice and choice, and connect their learning to authentic experiences.” – Michelle Singh

Renton Prep is a Microsoft Showcase School. The majority of our students already know how to use the internet, computers, mobile phones, and tablets. In fact, today’s young people are digital natives, and have grown up in the world of technology. When our educators engage in self reflection and understand the power behind technology, it will assist them in their teaching. In conclusion, it equips students to take on challenges and acquire skills both digitally and mentally. Learn more about technology at Renton Prep.

Self Reflection

Every successful teacher should set aside time for self reflection. It is a quality that expresses humility, and the eagerness to improve. As an educator, one must constantly shift his/her practice of pedagogy. As teachers prepare their lesson plans, they are simultaneously learning. This promotes authentic teaching and prevents any possibility of bias. When educators improve, they can impact the learning experiences of the students they teach. In addition, self reflection offers teachers the opportunity to think about what does and doesn’t work in their classroom. Furthermore, educators can use reflective teaching as a way to analyze and evaluate their own practices to focus on what works.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Where do teachers start when it comes to self reflection? Primarily, they must have an idea of what they want to reflect on. In a classroom full of students, there are different angles the teacher can approach. Reflect on lesson objectives, the material being taught, the way students receive each lesson, and the way you as the teacher manage your classroom.

  • Did the students understand the overall lesson?
  • What were the students engaged/not engaged with in the lesson?
  • Did any problems arise during the lesson?
  • Were teacher instructions clear?
  • At what level was classroom participation?
  • How effective are certain teaching strategies?
  • What improvements can be made to enhance your teaching?

In order to determine what is most effective for students, teachers must observe and analyze these questions. Other helpful approaches include self-reflective journals and peer observations.

A Better Future

Renton Prep Christian School encourages everyone to engage in self reflection. Teachers can always find better ways to teach and students can always find ways to improve their academic performance. As part of creativity, we also advocate forming and communicating new valuable ideas, products, or artifacts to reflect learning. If you are interested in our school or would like to learn more about your child’s education here, contact us today. Visit our website for more information.