Additional Information

Program Regulations

New state regulations took effect on July 26, 2011, limiting Running Start students to a 1.0 FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) limit for High School or Higher Education courses each, and a 1.2 FTE limit for both institutions combined (1.0 FTE is equivalent to 15 college credits, or 1500 High School weekly minutes of instruction). Students who wish to take more than 15 college credits may pay the regular tuition rate and still receive dual credit. Fee waivers for additional credits might be available if the student belongs to a low-income family.

A student must apply for the Running Start program through their district high school and will be enrolled there for the duration of the program.

(note: International students are not covered by the state of Washington)

Program Cost

Running Start doesn’t cost tuition for you or your family. It’s paid for by the State of Washington when you test in showing you can work at a college level. The state allocates the funding that would go to a public high school to go to a cooperating college for your education in your last two years of high school. Students will, however, have to pay for fees, textbooks and transportation for themselves.

High school juniors who can pass the entrance exam for a local community college may take part or all their coursework at the community college. Successfully passing a course earns a student both high school and college credit.