Renton Prep Students Participate in WE Day Connect
December 5, 2019

Renton Prep Students Participate in WE Day Connect

Renton Prep’s students expand their horizons with academic and extracurricular experiences. As a reward for our involvement in the last two years, our students were invited to be a part of the WE Day Live Studio audience for international broadcast! This WE Day event is special for participants around the globe. To attend, students must earn a spot by engaging in one local and global action through a WE school. These actions inspire compassion and promote kindness, while encouraging students to become active leaders. Renton Prep is honored to be a part of an amazing movement.

WE Day Connect

WE Day Connect is an interactive, online event for students and educators. It allows us to come together and celebrate acts of volunteerism while showcasing how youth, schools, and community groups act locally and globally to make a difference. In addition, WE Day Connect features celebrity and special guests. It’s an action-packed program that brings the power of WE Day to schools everywhere. Making global differences, WE Day Connect features real-life stories of students, their teachers, and the impact they have made in their communities.

Renton Prep Is a WE School

Renton Prep is proud to be a WE school! WE Schools is an innovative series of experiential service-learning programs that engage educators and youth globally. It empowers them with the skills, knowledge, and motivation to bring positive change in themselves and others around the world. In the past, two of our students, Leah and Welela, were awarded the 2018 WE Day Award for their impactful influence on the world! In order to attend WE events and gain recognition, students must serve to engage locally and globally through a WE school. These opportunities spark endless passion and motivation in our students.

Students Get Involved

On October 8th 2019, WE Day Connect invited 30 of our Renton Prep students to participate in the live studio audience at Microsoft Headquarters Production Studio. Not to mention, these students earned their place by making positive local and global impacts through technology. Participating in this event allowed students to share their thoughts on personal and important worldly issues.

Halle Alejandro

Also, one of our 10th grade students Halle Alejandro spoke with a delegation from Korea about Global Goals for Sustainable Development. She also had her first experience with a translator to bridge languages and communication barriers! What an awesome accomplishment.

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Working Together

Additionally, we have classes working together to collaborate and assist other students in their education. For example, our 9th and 10th grade students visited the 1st grade classroom to guide them through color theory and color mixing with digital ink and the color wheel. The desire to serve never stops at Renton Prep! Older students also organized observations to work with younger students as they develop a plan to teach the base 10 number system.

Real-Life Impacts

As part of being a WE School, Renton Prep is happy to be mentioned by WE Day Connect. In fact, they feature real-life stories of students, their teachers and the impact they have made in their communities. Highlighted by WE, our school is working on the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development with a focus on quality education. Using AI strategies and language translation, our students document the processes of their work and demonstrate how technology is a supportive tool for others. Uniquely, students also meet with delegations from around the world, who use these students as examples to drive educational transformation!

Renton Prep Strives for the Future

We are thankful for the support we have received from WE Day events. In fact, we are on a never-ending journey to reach new milestones in education. The goal is to use our internal powers to serve those around us. Renton Prep continues on a journey of excellence and selflessness. We are excited for many new opportunities. Contact us today to learn more!