Practical Education
September 28, 2020

Practical Education to Help Students Face the Real World

Students at Renton Prep Christian School are consistently on their way to better things. From experience in conferences (even virtual), social events, local outreaches, and global partnerships, educators at our school are equipping them for the future. There are so many ways that teachers today can give students practical education to help students soon face the real world.

In general, we work to expose students early on to things they will encounter in their futures. One way to achieve this is by enabling practical education in schools. In other words, a classroom where curriculum design is realistic, emotive, and comprehendible.

The Power of Connection

Significantly, the ultimate purpose of practical education is to prepare students for life. In this information age, our knowledge-sharing economy is driven by the power of connectivity.

How educators decide to change the nature of learning as technology and education conjoin will determine new opportunities for student networking, collaboration, and classroom productivity.

In preparation, teachers can create lessons that incorporate hands-on activities, creative routes to learning, and the use of imagination. Making subject learning applicable to everyday life gives students the ability to provide meaningful work and achieve personal and academic development.

Using Technology for Practical Education

As spoken about many times throughout Renton Prep Christian School’s blog, technology is one of the greatest contributors to student success and progress in the classroom. This is especially true in the age of remote learning and COVID-19.

For example, technology is universal. This allows educators and students to connect with schools from home and from other countries. Additionally, exposing students to a broader world through technology is yet another convenience. To prepare, teachers can create practical applications of lessons that focus on global subjects and as a result, students can be aware of worldly issues that are happening around them.

“The time I have to use technology in my lessons is limited—nevertheless, I still use it as often as I can. I’m always trying to widen my students’ eyes and make them aware of the problems our world is facing, and then I want them to express themselves through music and by using their creativity.” — Manuela Correia

MIE expert Manuela Correia has had to find unconventional ways to encourage her students’ creativity. And for her classroom, technology plays a big role. According to Correia, preparing students for an uncertain future is probably the biggest challenge educators are facing today.

This is why Renton Prep is working hard to instill practical education lessons throughout all of our classrooms.

Where Do We Begin?

Particularly, school administrators and staff can start by choosing the right curriculum that will encompass all the necessary components to grow creative, cognizant young adults, and future leaders. This curriculum should aim to encompass all learning experiences, and not just textbooks or workbooks.

A primary problem with today’s education systems is their lack of helping students face future challenges. Instead, many educators will assign work that just simply keeps students busy. Educators need to dig deeper into the roots of true experiential learning.

It’s not the exams and worksheets that will bring this change. More classrooms need to allow freedom of creativity, empathy, problem-solving, and collaboration. All of these can be accomplished through practical applications of knowledge.

It is something that we continue to practice here at Renton Prep. We use digital projects, field trips, experiential learning, and cross-age mentoring as a part of our curriculum design to creatively deliver the curriculum. This has been especially important with some students opting for remote learning.

Guidance in the Classroom

It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to teach young students. Educators have a great responsibility to watch as they transform. Much of the weight falls on practical education that has real-world value. Surely, students deserve recognition for their hard work.

As teachers, it’s something we experience first hand. By all means, our students will be our world’s future leaders. So, with the right balance between teachers, curriculums, and inspiration, we will one day watch those students bring changes to the world.

Renton Prep is on a never-ending journey to pour our hearts into every student’s life. Contact us today to be a part of our walk toward excellence.