March 9, 2020

Students Participate in OneMeal Program Packing Food for the Community

At Renton Prep Christian School, we strive to create a positive impact every chance we get. It’s important to understand that it is not always about what we can do for ourselves, but more importantly what we can do for others. This is a quality we are happy to see in our students. We’re still at the start of a new year and have already created memorable experiences. On February 16, 2020, our students and family members, and faculty packed 30,888 meals to support the OneMeal kid’s program. As we guide our students, we instill the importance of service and humility.

OneMeal Program

Overall, the OneMeal program empowers individuals to pack meals and deliver hope in the form of nutritious food to impoverished kids around the world. First, each meal is packed and sponsored by partners and volunteers at their own packing events throughout the U.S. Then, they ship the meals overseas to serve malnourished children in various environments. For example, there are children in orphanages, schools, homes, churches, and community feeding centers.

“Through our OneMeal program, we ensure that tens of thousands of impoverished kids have a warm, nutritious meal EACH DAY.”

Jim Rosene, President of OneMeal Program

Packing Meals

When the opportunity arose to participate in the OneMeal program, our students and faculty were more than happy. In just one day, we packed 30,888 meals for kids all the way in Sierra Leone! Knowing the purpose behind these meals made the overall experience one to remember. Renton Prep separated the event into two shifts, that way more people would be available to participate. About 80 volunteers came for the 11:00 am shift and 50 others came for the 1:00 pm shift. Everyone was focused, energized, and ready to work because they knew that this small amount of effort was going to have an enormous impact half a world away. The packers donned their hairnets, sanitized their hands, and learned how they would work as a team to assemble over 30,000 meals.

A Helping Hand

The OneMeal packing event was not only a chance to serve, but it also gave participants insight on the program’s mission and impact. Andrea Krook, from Children of the Nations, shared information about the children in Sierra Leone who will receive the meals. Significantly, she explained how knowing that these children had one hot and nutritious meal a day provided a sense of security for them. In addition, it allowed the students to better focus on education and many of the things Westerners take for granted. According to Jim Kamikawa, recipient leader in Sierra Leone, it meant so much to the people eating the meals to know that these meals weren’t packed by machines but by the hand. There is a higher level of generosity through actions rather than just words. Physically packing meals for kids around the world is an extraordinary opportunity.

“I love the fact that families from Renton Prep were willing to pause their normal activities to invest in the lives of people they will likely never meet. They truly made a difference by meeting basic needs that allow for the potential for others to flourish.”

Dr. Brian Banke, Leader at Renton Prep

Local and Global Impacts

We appreciate OneMeal and their passion to mitigate childhood malnutrition. Notably, some of our Renton Prep volunteers packed meals during both shifts. While life can become exhausting, they were enlivened by joy from being a part of something so momentous. As a result, many were asking, “When can we do this again?” The joy and humility that came from the OneMeal packing event will have a lasting impact on our students and volunteers. Renton Prep Christian School provides a great environment for students to learn what it truly means to be a hero and initiator. They are skills that will follow them in the workforce and beyond. Contact us today to learn more.