NCCE 2018
April 8, 2019

NCCE 2018

Renton Prep students once again represented our school well at the Northwest Council for Computer Education conference, held this year in Seattle. At NCCE 2018, students and faculty members, presented and volunteered, making this Renton Prep’s 8th consecutive year at the annual conference. Like every year, our students learned so much from the experience.

Learning Something New

“This is my 3rd time attending NCCE, and every year I learn something new. When I went to NCCE this year I learned about different ways schools use technology and how eager they are to learn more. I got the chance to volunteer and working at the registration desk, and as a workshop ticket holder, I got to meet new people and learn about things I never knew about before. I also got the chance to talk a little about what I do and learn at school. Hopefully, that will inspire the teacher I was speaking to and make them come up with new ideas on how to use technology in their classroom.  Overall, it was an amazing experience, and through the years, I got to learn something different from the conference, as well as meeting new and inspiring educators that make our schools open to new ideas.” – Welela, 8th grade Renton Prep Student

The Importance of Access

Since 2009, Renton Prep has made it its mission to provide all students with access to computers. No longer confined to computer labs, Renton Prep has enabled students to have computer access throughout the school and in every classroom. This integration of technology and education is central to NCCE’s mission.

“No day is the same, especially in this time and age. Each day may yield new advancements, taking us further into the future. However, before we delve into each corner of space, the next generation must learn to do so. Enter the Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE). Over the course of three days, this conference focuses on how to integrate technology into the class. From e-books to robots, learning how to further one’s education is very important. Over the course of three days, people talk, learn, and listen about how to advance their class.

Many sessions go on at once, yet there are two special ones: the keynote speakers. One opens whilst the other closes and covers a wide variety of topics. The opening keynote speaker talked about how technology is helping further and speed up processes. In fact, there is a project that helps people in India find much-needed jobs. Tracking endangered animals can be done in a day, compared to 300 hours it used to take. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and we need to learn how to keep up with it.

Personally, as a volunteer, I feel that I got a different experience than a presenter. I learned more of what goes on behind the scenes and was helping more than watching. I did enjoy it, and all the things I got to do. I thank Renton Prep for allowing me this new experience that I may not have had. There were many different booths, ranging from those I’ve seen before and not. I found myself fascinated by some of the robots.

While I didn’t really get to view any sessions, I found most of their titles interesting. From coding to VR, almost everything was there. As I was volunteering, I did get to take a look inside, which was always interesting. I feel like I learned more and had fun at NCCE; I hope to have more experiences like this in the future!” – Sharice Lee, Renton Prep Student Volunteer.

Sending Messages Far and Wide

At NCCE 2018, students also experienced the reach of social media firsthand. Presentations were streamed on social media platforms, increasing the audience beyond the room. Madison Bryant, a grade 6 Renton Prep student said, “I felt amazed at how many people saw.” (Currently over 4,000 views). “All of the people at my church saw, even all my family is still calling and saying ‘Good job, Madison’.”

Students also reflected on their experiences; this post by three of our Renton Prep students who attended NCCE 2017 demonstrates how much the keynote speaker that year resonated with them. This post was first featured on the NCCE blog, proving that our students are learning universal lessons that can apply to the education world at large.

Whether our students are presenting, volunteering or simply taking it all in, they truly benefit from the opportunity to learn and grow with peers and faculty. Renton Prep looks forward to participating in NCCE 2019.