Dr. Michelle Zimmerman Discusses Using STEM Principles Across Subjects
September 30, 2019

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman Discusses Using STEM Principles Across Subjects

STEM in education is implemented in many schools. And its application is not so much about the equipment, but more about the mindset. At Renton Prep, STEM plays a meaningful role. Our teachers undergo training to learn about how to maximize the principles of STEM and use them in different areas. So, in a podcast conversation with Dr. Rod Berger, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman discusses the state of STEM in education. In addition, Dr. Zimmerman highlights the importance of utilizing STEM skills across all subjects.Dr. Michelle Zimmerman Discusses Using STEM Principles Across Subjects

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman and STEM

Our Renton Prep executive director, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman has years of experience in education. She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Surface Expert. Currently, she focuses on bringing the importance of technology in education and highlights how those skills can be transferred to other subjects. But before discussing this topic, it is imperative to understand STEM. We all know what this acronym stands for, but do we truly understand it? STEM is more about using the skills students develop to solve problems and be able to fully understand why such skills are used. Moreover, equipment is not paramount when applying STEM in education. Dr. Michelle Zimmerman argues that STEM is more about a mindset to equip students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. The aim is to prepare students to be able to explain what they are doing and why.

The Diversity of STEM

In addition to the benefit of equipping students to be able to fully understand what they are doing, STEM also positively affects teachers. Its ideal employment would be for teachers to implement several subjects combined in their teaching, says Dr. Michelle Zimmerman. This demonstrates a diversity in instructors’ ability to teach and it effaces any limitations in their teaching. Thus, making them more adept to teach different subjects. Further, the skills used in STEM are transferable. Data analysis, critical thinking, and design thinking are all skills that are not limited to just science. These skills can also be used in the arts and in the creative process. Dr. Michelle Zimmerman will be leading various panels at the 2019 Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC), where she will discuss STEM in education more in depth along with other prominent topics.

An Education at Renton Prep

At Renton Prep we take pride in the technology-driven and Christ centered curriculum we implement. We encourage our students to express themselves while employing STEM skills in their education. Contact us to get a glimpse of what your child’s future in education can look like or to learn more about our school