Blended Learning
May 21, 2018

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is defined several ways. It can be combining multiple subjects together; it can also be combining experience-based learning with more traditional instruction. Additionally, blended learning can combine online components with technology. At Renton Prep, we teach our students in a blended learning format. We encourage them to use many different academic subjects throughout their coursework. As a result of blended learning, our students are well-rounded, critical thinkers.

Blended Learning

How It Works

Duke University is also a champion of blended learning. One example is outlined here. It illustrates how a class that is primarily about reasoning and argument, can incorporate simple talking points and rhetoric to make learning more accessible. Students must understand linguistics, logic, inductive thinking and causal relationships. The class even delves deep into words and their meaning. Students watch live and recorded performances, read poetry and attend art showings. Each of these areas allows for them to better understand how movement, body language, and phrasing can impact an argument. By blending these areas together, students are better able to make and counter arguments.

Blended Learning In Action

At Renton Prep, our students recently participated in The Paper Tree Project. This project brought together science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. When combined, these subjects are known as STEAM. STEAM and STEM have received a lot of attention recently as educators place more emphasis on all aspects of learning. By blending these disciplines together, students gain a better understanding of all of them. Most noteworthy, they also actively engage with the subjects, making learning more experiential. The staff at Renton Prep has found this type of blending to be a very effective way for students to learn and retain information.

Well-Rounded Education

As technology, science, and the arts continue to blend, students must be capable of adapting their thinking. By using blended learning in our classrooms, Renton Prep is confident we are preparing students who will be able to think critically and problem-solve better than others. Consequently, this will only lead to their success in the real world.

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