Blended Learning: Where Digital Curriculums Meet Traditional Classrooms
August 28, 2018

Blended Learning: Where Digital Curriculums Meet Traditional Classrooms

Over the next three years, it is estimated that 80 percent of all available jobs will require employees to have some level of technological proficiency. Since the clock is ticking, it’s more important than ever for all learning institutions to examine their curriculum and determine the best way to integrate digital learning with traditional classroom education. This new type of blended learning is quickly becoming the norm.

Blended Learning: Where Digital Curriculums Meet Traditional Classrooms

Importance of Digital Literacy

Aside from the need for digital literacy in the workplace, students need to have a familiarity with digital interfaces to be successful in their education and in the world. For example, standardized testing has transitioned to an online model in recent years. This makes it imperative for students to be comfortable with a computer, keyboard, and mouse in order to test well and receive a score reflective of their true abilities. Additionally, as text book publishers transition from updating print editions to updating online ones, students need to best understand how to read and use the text book in new, digital platforms.

 Importance of Digital Safety

Of course, with the expansion of the online world and digital access, students also need to learn digital safety. Concerns like cyber-bullying and privacy are pervasive. Therefore, it is extremely important for students to understand, identify, and guard against cyber threats. Also, students must understand the ethical implications of using and citing online resources in the context of education. This includes understanding copyright and fair use policies, and how to best avoid infringement.

Importance of Digital Access

The incorporation of blended learning in the classroom and in education more generally, has opened many doors. Notes, text books, and reading materials are now found in one online repository. This removes the need to use reams of copy paper for different assignments. Likewise, the importance of digital access cannot be overstated. Online access for educational and lifestyle purposes is quickly becoming a socio-economic issue; disadvantaged students have less access to online tools. Therefore, ensuring that school districts incorporate and use digital tools will help to level the playing field among all students.

At Renton Prep, our students embrace digital learning in the classroom. Our teachers and staff are well-versed in how to blend digital and analog teaching methods to provide students with a balanced educational approach. For more information regarding how Renton Prep can help your child excel at learning, please contact us today.