Amazing Grace Will Join Renton Prep at 200 Mill Plaza
September 30, 2019

Amazing Grace Will Join Renton Prep at 200 Mill Plaza

In March of 2018, we sent out an article about the status of the 200 Mill Plaza redevelopment. This article provided facts about accommodating Renton Prep’s growth and how students, families, and staff will benefit from a more modern campus. At Renton Prep, we strive to find methods that will improve the atmosphere and quality of education for our students.

We are so thrilled to announce that Amazing Grace Christian School has officially joined Renton Prep at 200 Mill Plaza! After 5 years of planning, we are proud of the decision to merge our Amazing Grace and Renton Prep Christian schools together in one building. This is great news and we praise God, as it will bring better opportunities to our school and students.

Amazing Grace Will Join Renton Prep at 200 Mill Plaza

Amazing Grace Joins Renton Prep at Mill Ave.

CRISTA Ministries, an organization dedicated to helping at-risk students, recently purchased Amazing Grace Lutheran Church and the elementary school building. This purchase is a blessing to both organizations. It allows CRISTA Ministries to continue to do their work and Amazing Grace now gets the opportunity to join Renton Prep. Thus, we will have the entire Renton Prep family under one roof!

Collaboration of Classrooms

We are glad to say that Renton Prep is not going anywhere. For parents and students who may have been worried about our location, we have secured it. We will remain in the same building and Amazing Grace will join Renton Prep at 200 Mill Plaza. Thankfully, the benefits of this move are many. For example, this change will facilitate the collaboration of classrooms, a quality we encourage among our students. As a result, our elementary school students can work closely with middle and high school students more easily and often. Additionally, with the number of field trips our schools participate in, having them both under one roof simplifies this process.

We believe that this transition will be beneficial and will positively impact our schools as we strive to strengthen the bond and collaboration between students, faculty, and staff.

Renton Prep Milestones

Within the last year, Renton Prep was selected as Microsoft’s first and only K-12 Flagship School in operation in the US and the first AdvancED STEM Certified school in Washington State. Our students, representing over 25 nations, continue to be recognized globally as educational leaders. We will continue to provide global opportunities for our students and staff to tell their stories throughout the world.

Successful Partnerships

In addition to the relocation of Amazing Grace, we are thrilled to partner with the Seattle Urban Academy. We have had the privilege to teach thousands of children in this building, and we joyfully look forward to the continuing success of both of our Christian Schools. Please celebrate with us and continue to uplift both of our ministries, as we have for each other.

Amazing Grace Next Steps, How You Can Help

Overall, thank you for praying fervently for our schools and for trusting us with your children’s future. Please keep praying for our schools, as we advance towards the growth of our campus. Always keep our students, faculty, and staff’s best interest in mind. This is a new beginning for all of us, and we are walking into it with open minds and generous hearts. For further information on our schools, curriculum, or the 2019-2020 school year, visit our website or contact us today!