Amazing Grace Will Join Renton Prep at 200 Mill Plaza

In March of 2018 we sent out an article about the status of the 200 Mill Plaza redevelopment. This article provided facts about accommodating Renton Prep’s growth for many years to come. And how students, families, and staff will benefit from a more modern campus. Recently, we were informed that plans are moving along and things are looking up for Renton Prep. This is great news and we praise God, as it will bring better opportunities to our school and students.Amazing Grace Will Join Renton Prep at 200 Mill Plaza

Amazing Grace Joins Renton Prep at Mill Ave.

CRISTA Ministries, an organization dedicated to helping at-risk students, recently purchased Amazing Grace Lutheran Church and the elementary school building. This purchase is a blessing to both organizations. This will allow CRISTA Ministries to continue to do the work they have been called to and Amazing Grace now gets the opportunity to join Renton Prep in Renton. Thus, we will have the entire Renton Prep family under one roof.

Collaboration of Classrooms

We are glad to say that Renton Prep is not going anywhere. For parents and students who may have been worried about our location, we have secured it. We will remain in the same building and Amazing Grace will join Renton Prep at 200 Mill Plaza. Thankfully, the benefits of this move are many. This change will facilitate collaboration of classrooms, a quality we encourage among our students. Resulting in our elementary school students working closely with middle and high school students more easily and often. Additionally, with the number of field trips our schools participate in, having them both under one roof simplifies this process. We believe that this transition will be beneficial and will positively impact our schools as we strive to strengthen the bond and collaboration between students, faculty, and staff.

Amazing Grace Next Steps, How You Can Help

Thank you for praying fervently for our schools and for trusting us with your children’s future. Please keep praying for our schools, as we continue to work towards the growth of our campus. Always keeping our students, faculty, and staff’s best interest in mind, we will keep you informed on this exciting project. As soon as we get more information, parents will be the first ones to know. We will continue to update the redevelopment of 200 Mill Plaza on the article here. Also, stay up to date with us on social and join our newsletter.