200 Mill Plaza Redevelopment Facts
September 30, 2019

200 Mill Plaza Redevelopment Facts

Have you heard the news? The 3.79 acres at 200 Mill Avenue are being redeveloped by Cosmos Development and LMC Development. These are the 200 Mill Plaza Redevelopment Facts. The Renton Preparatory Christian School campus is currently located on two floors in the building.

Here are some of the 200 Mill Plaza Redevelopment Facts

  1. First, Renton Prep is not moving. This redevelopment plan is an opportunity for our students, teachers, and staff.
  2. The new developer has a plan to improve the Renton Prep campus and community.
  3. Renton Prep has a good relationship with the developer.
  4. This project will accommodate Renton Prep’s growth for many years to come.
  5. Students, families, and staff will benefit from a more modern campus and facilities. With as many organizations that visit the campus this will open up local, regional, and global doors!

200 Mill Plaza Redevelopment Facts

Project Status and Timeline

This project is looking good and the plans are still on full force. The Renton City Council has approved the concept design. The next 6 months will be approval of design plans and the sale of the 200 Mill Avenue building. This could take years. Dates are still to be determined by both the city and the developer. Renton Prep will be located on one entire 36,000 square foot floor. This amount of space allows for the Amazing Grace campus to join the Renton Prep campus. The new campus will overlook the river and park area. The school will have its own drop off and pick up area with its own school entrance. The design of the space is in the school’s control. Any international students who wish to live locally will have housing available in the new site plan.

Negotiations and What Can Be Done Now

We will keep you informed as we get more information of this redevelopment. But please continue to pray for our city councilmen and the developers for wisdom and guidance as they plan and negotiate. The city has a positive working history with this development company, COSMOS. This developer is also planning on building additional housing structures in the downtown area. This is a long term relationship and an exciting opportunity for Renton Prep.

God continues to bless the work and the growth of the campus. There are more 200 Mill Plaza Redevelopment Facts and updates that will go out via our newsletter as they come in. Please sign up for the newsletter to be in the know! This project is one more step in that amazing journey. What will Renton Prep become at 200 Mill Avenue in the coming years? What stories will be told!