Renton Prep Students | Private Christian School in Renton, Washington
July 19, 2017

Smart is Strong: Watch Welela’s Video!

Welela Solomon’s Story, Smart is Strong.

Welela Genet Solomon is a 7th grader at Renton Prep Christian School (RPCS).  Welela was born in Seattle, Washington from 1st generation Ethiopian American parents.  Welela has been at RPCS for more than one year. Prior to RCPS, she attended Renton Public School discovery program for select highly capable students. Welela’s parents came from a strong Christian country of Ethiopia, they wanted to make sure that their daughter had the same foundation of God they have. In an attempt to instill Christian based education, they chose RCPS for being a strong Christian faith school and for providing a solid education. With one little sister and brother, Welela strives to be a good example for them. She has gotten to  be part of NCCE, and she learned many important traits that she needed  in the future from that conference. Welela enjoys reading, swimming, and occasionally playing on her guitar. 

Watch Welela talking about her experience at Amazing Grace and Renton Prep. Watch more stories.

Video transcript of Welela’s Story:

Welela: What I love about Renton Prep is how they let you be yourself. During class they let you answer questions and I always have a lot of questions during class, and then they always support you. And like it was my first time being there and I also left a lot of my friends from public school. I went into there and everybody is like a big family. They let me in really easily and it was really nice.

Abei Afeworke( Welela’s Mom): When I think about the education she gets and the passion has for learning, it makes me and my husband both feel really blessed. She works really hard. When she comes home, we don’t have to say “do your homework”. She is really driven and really happy that she wanted to do it, not us pushing her.

Welela: Renton Prep makes you go at your own pace. At my old school we would go all in one group and that was kind of hard for me. Sometimes it would be really fast in one subject and slow in the other. But at this school they let you go at your own speed for every subject. That’s what really made me connect to the school. I’m so thankful for Renton Prep because they taught me how to speak up in front of a bigger audience and if I want to use my words and show people my explanation for the answers, I can show them, it’s cool.

Welela Solomon