May 28, 2021

Virtual Summer Camps 2021

With the approach of summer, many parents are wondering how they can keep their children engaged safely. What many parents don’t realize is that there are a lot of free Microsoft virtual summer camps available to students.

Here’s a guide of virtual summer courses that will not only keep your student engaged but also allow them to continue learning during their summer vacation.

Microsoft Virtual Summer Camps

Microsoft is hosting various virtual summer camps for students to partake in for free.

All the programs are divided into different age groups so that students and parents are able to quickly locate their courses of interest. For each virtual summer course available, Microsoft includes a quick synopsis of the duration of the course, links to educational resources, and steps for the course.

These free summer camps offer different topics for students to choose from, anywhere from learning about AIs to discovering the planets.

In addition, Microsoft doesn’t just offer summer camps but they also include at-home activities for families to participate in and other at-home learning options.

Virtual Summer School Courses

If your kids run out of Microsoft summer courses to participate in, there are other virtual platforms to explore. Some of the top free summer courses for students are available at Camp Wonderopolis, Youtube Learning, and more.

Camp Wonderopolis

If you or your kid haven’t heard of Camp Wonderopolis be prepared for a fun surprise! This online platform offers free virtual courses and activities that are fun, interactive, and STEM-based. Also, Camp Wonderopolis’s virtual summer camps include “maker activities” for students to apply their knowledge with at-home experiments!

Youtube Learning

Youtube is taking the next step into building a fun virtual summer camp for families called #CampYouTube.  The options of summer courses are first divided into four different categories– STEM, Arts, Sports, and Adventure. Students will learn new topics, develop skills, build projects, and explore the world with virtual field trips!

Plus, they also include a virtual summer camp bingo board for families to complete together.

The Benefits of Virtual Summer Camps


Students find virtual summer camps appealing for various reasons. One obvious reason is the informality of a virtual course. Students have the option of learning in their pajamas! But another key reason is that students are able to take the courses at their own pace.

Children are able to start and finish their courses whenever they would like, allowing them the flexibility to take their classes while partaking in other activities such as sports, other classes, or fun summer activities. Chances are your students will be able to fit these summer camps into their busy schedules.

Interesting Topics

Another great advantage to virtual summer camps is their unique, and often long, list of course subjects. Many students are able to find topics that they wouldn’t normally find in an in-person summer camp or at school.

These super-specialized topics are why many students enjoy virtual summer courses. There are virtual summer camps for subjects such as STEM, art, music, and even cooking! It’s a great opportunity for kids to explore more of their personal interests.

Skill Development

As with more traditional, in-person summer camps, signing your child up for engaging, challenging, and innovative summer camps will help them gain new skills. These virtual summer camps allow students to become more independent as they learn about the subject matter and themselves.

Not only do virtual summer camps provide flexibility and skill development for students but they also offer a great opportunity for kids to learn in a safe and fun environment. Independence, time management, fun memories, and more are some examples of what your children will acquire at a virtual summer camp.

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