June 16, 2021

Virtual STEAM Fair 2021

Check out our Virtual STEAM Fair for 2021! Every year we organize a STEAM fair for our students to apply their knowledge and skills. Each grade completed its own projects based on specific topics and requirements. This year our theme was the Evidence of Humans.
Here is a walkthrough of the project each class created for the event.


STEAM Project- Sustainable City for the Future

For this project, the students needed to create a city for the future using sustainable materials. First, students created their own homes independently and then worked together to create a sustainable city. Lastly, they built their city on Minecraft.

1st/2nd Grade


Mars Sustainable Colony for Humans and Animals

Through a cooperative effort, students created a sustainable colony on Mars by first brainstorming the items needed for a livable city. Then, students constructed their creations with materials and then built their creations in Minecraft. Students worked together to answer this question: how does our Mars colony show evidence of humans?

3rd/4rth Grade

STEAM Project- Solutions Against Pollution

Their goal was to examine the problem that affects our quality of life, air, and water, along with exploring the pollution of the Earth’s orbit. Students worked in groups to tackle different pollution concerns such as space debris and wildfires and created potential solutions. Once a plan is created, students work together to build a demonstration on Minecraft.

5th/6th Grade

STEAM Project: The Environment and Us

Students chose one of two approaches: explain and build a model of human achievement or explain an environmental problem and build a sustainable home.

Elizabeth, Lauren, Simarjot, Zaema

Melia, Jade, Aaleyah

7th/8th Grade

STEAM Project- Magnetic Fields & Properties

Grades 7th through 10th had the option of choosing a topic that was covered during the year in their STEAM class and apply the theme Evidence of Humans to show how it was related either with positive or negative impacts.

The 7th and 8th-grade students chose Magnetic Fields and Properties for their topic and demonstrated its positive impacts on society today. 

9th/10th Grade

STEAM Project-Negative Impacts of Deforestation

The 9th and 10th grade’s project was to demonstrate the impact of deforestation on the environment and to provide possible solutions.



Here at Renton Prep, we encourage the use of technology to enhance our student’s education. Visit our Wakelet to see more videos from this year’s fair and of our Hyflex classroom experience.

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