September 7, 2022

Triumph Reigns at the Spring Dance Performance

After a grueling two-year hiatus, Renton Prep’s Spring Dance Performance returns for the 21st year! For this performance we chose the powerful theme of Triumph. Our fun annual spring dance not only helps students build confidence but also allows them to showcase all they’ve learned into their presentation.

What Triumph Means

Sometimes the best themes aren’t found by wracking the brain. Instead, they can be found through a joke that accurately summarizes the trials and emotions of the past two years.

Tenth-grade Sophia expresses uncovering this year’s theme with fellow student Ayaka and Renton Prep Executive Director, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, “When the topic of what the dance program theme should be came up, I jokingly said ‘triumph’, thinking of what I’d not-so-fondly dubbed ‘the dumpster year’. It turns out that, yeah, triumph actually fits, and we immediately began finding inspiration for the program.”

With the help of the graphic design team, we created a logo for the performance. It includes our Renton Prep logo in the colors of the Olympic rings. The symbolism behind the rings represents triumph and unity. The logo also incorporates a stylized version of the Olympic torch to represent a torch-bearer runner in a race.

This was especially important to us, as it ties in to Hebrews 12:1a: “So then, with endurance, let’s also run the race that is laid out in front of us, since we have such a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us.” This race is one that we run our whole lives, and it’s one that our ancestors have run, and one that our descendants will too.

The Performance

Our students had creative control over the presentation which resulted in an original and compelling performance.

“We knew that we wanted a story arc, rather than a collection of related songs since triumph means so much more when there’s something to triumph over. We each brought unique perspectives to the production: Madison as an experienced dancer, Ayaka as someone who’s been here her whole life, and me as someone who analyzes and edits stories,” shared Sophia.

Tenth grader and dancer Madison explains what it was like to perform in front of an actual audience again. “I have been through my fair share of challenges, virtual dance being one of them. The internet wasn’t my best friend as it could be Teams glitching or the meeting simply not working. When dancing in front of a group of people, you can connect with the audience instead of merely dancing in front of a computer that presents a black screen. These things we lost when COVID gave us 2 years of torture and despair. In 2022, choreographing for this performance, I personally focus on the storyline for the underlying theme of triumph.”

When asked what students thought of the performance, students were appreciative of each performance.

“It was energetic, exciting, frantic, and relieving all at once,” said seventh-grader Valerie. She was not alone in this regard, because many students seemed to echo her thoughts.

Sixth-grader, Gabriella said, “The dance was very fun, interesting, and entertaining! I loved the experience and the theme this year! […] it was very fun and exciting!”

Triumph at Renton Prep

Here at Renton Prep, our passion for our students motivates us to triumph through the toughest of times. We’re honored that we could turn a difficult year into an opportunity for growth. And, we’re proud of the hard work and determination that our students have demonstrated.

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