2016 Awards and Presentations

  • January: First invitation for students to present to local public school board to introduce technology in Everett Public Schools showing Renton Prep’s influence on the local public school systems
  • April: Amazing Grace awarded from New York, the Lester R Bayer Excellence in Urban Education
  • September: First Business Excellence Award for Best Non-Profit in Renton
  • November: First invitation for a Renton Prep student to speak at Scientific American and Macmillan STEM Summit
  • In the news for our first Showcase School visit from Brazil
  • First Empirical Research Published Internationally including Renton Prep and Amazing Grace student work from 2009 and 2015
  • STEM Excellence Award Top 3 Middle Schools in the Nation awarded by Future of Education Technology Conference
  • First book published highlighting both Amazing Grace and Renton Prep for excellence in modern assessment