July 12, 2021

The Power of Supporting Teachers

The faculty of any institution plays an important role in its success. However, research shows that few faculty members receive the support and training they need to succeed.

So what can schools do to support their teachers?

The Importance of Empowered Faculty

Leaders of our industry can agree that the future of education is shifting from a fixed concept toward a more flexible, personalized, and collaborative experience. This means that a teacher’s role is expanding as well. Educators are adjusting their position of lecturer to leaders, guiding students to take on a more active role in their education. This then encourages students to engage more in classroom material and collaborate with peers.

Educators that feel supported reflect it in their work. Recent studies conclude that teacher support enhances a teacher’s relationship with their students. Students then reciprocate their teacher’s care and concern by demonstrating respect and interest. This is typically demonstrated through the student’s actions within the classroom and their engagement in the material.

A great way to support teachers is to provide effective strategies, practices, and tools to help them navigate the educational change accelerated by COVID-19.

Empowered teachers are more likely to commit long-term and positively influence others within their schools. Not to mention, investments in teachers are an investment in the school’s revenue, rank, and overall success.

The Faculty Playbook

Flattening the Multimodal Learning Curve: A Faculty Playbook is an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report sponsored by Microsoft Higher Education. It aims to equip faculty with effective strategies and methods to deliver high-quality, engaging, and valuable learning experiences in any setting.

According to the report, focusing on enhancing technology tools and improving faculty skills is just part of the solution for creating an optimal learning environment. Schools should prioritize an empathetic environment including a supportive community of educators.

Additionally, schools can support their teachers by ensuring proper training in new methods and equipment is provided; as well, as encouraging open discussions. Focus on offering equitable campus support for faculty members while fostering inclusion and support amid major industry shifts.

In fact, many believe that in the upcoming years, the extent to which institutions provide an optimal learning environment will define an institution’s success. This includes an environment where instructors are able to confidently understand and respond to the changing, diverse needs of students.

Teach at Renton Prep

Educators at our school go beyond the classrooms. They touch the minds of students all around the world by participating in global conferences. Their success is our success. And as such, we invest in making a supportive environment for our teachers and students.

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