The Benefits of YouTube in Teaching
September 30, 2019

The Benefits of YouTube in Teaching

YouTube has 1.8 billion viewers a month, and many of them are children and young people. From makeup tutorials to music performances, children and teens are watching these videos on TVs, laptops, and even smartphones. Whether or not we acknowledge it, YouTube is clearly playing a crucial role in our children’s lives. So why not find ways to use YouTube in teaching and education? Read on to discover how Renton Prep is using YouTube videos in addition to more traditional resources like books and lesson plans.The Benefits of YouTube in Teaching

Use YouTube in Teaching Science

It’s hard to make a connection with students if you’re trying to reach them through old-fashioned tools and technologies. One of the many reasons to incorporate YouTube video into classrooms is that it’s a form of instruction students will find familiar. This teaching tool is especially valuable in science and math classes, as teachers can share up-to-the-minute charts and graphs detailing complex processes. Believe it or not, YouTube even lets users view complete science courses from Ivy League colleges and universities.

Enable Distance Training

The best teachers are lifelong students, updating their knowledge and skills regularly. With YouTube, educational institutions can create and post their own training courses or take advantage of those developed by other schools around the world. Additionally, you can communicate and share videos with teachers in different locales.

Utilize Video Promotions

Schools can even use YouTube to connect with prospective students and teachers. It’s easy and affordable to create a video message advertising your school. Then, promote your facility, curriculum, or staff to a global audience with the click of a button.

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