Technology vs. Classical Education
August 28, 2018

Technology vs. Classical Education

Many of us realize that education is the golden ticket, improving society as a whole while helping individuals perform at their highest levels. Still, that doesn’t mean we all agree on what type of education is best. While some proponents of higher education stress the importance of a liberal arts degree, others argue that a tech-based education will result in greater earning potential. As one of the premier Christ-centric, tech-based learning institutions in the Seattle area, Renton Prep has given this question a great deal of thought. Read on to discover our opinions in the technology vs. classical education debate.Technology vs. Classical Education

Benefits of a Technical Education

It’s no secret that a tech degree comes with certain advantages. With statistics showing up to 1 in 5 undergraduate degrees fails to produce more earnings than a high school diploma, it’s only logical that some students (and their parents) would opt for programs of a more technical nature. And of course, the rising cost of higher education means that individuals want to get the most bang for their tuition bucks.

Benefits of a Classical Education

Of course, pursuing tech at the expense of other subjects is not without its disadvantages. Proponents of a classical education argue that neglecting subjects like literature and critical thinking results in a poorly informed populace. Some even suggest that the lack of classical education results in a decreased capacity for empathy. Moreover, societies that don’t learn history may not have the context needed to make smart decisions in the future.

Bridging the Divide

While the technology vs. classical education debate can feel like an either-or situation, the truth is you don’t have to choose. Students can opt to double major, incorporate a minor, or even pursue a secondary degree later in life. Further, the best educational programs incorporate both practical, technology-based skills and learning centered on the humanities.

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