Student Data Privacy
September 30, 2019

Student Data Privacy

Technology enables us to connect students and teachers around the world, but it also comes with certain challenges. Academic institutions may struggle to ensure student data privacy, especially now that teachers can send information with the push of a button.Student Data Privacy

Once upon a time, student data was only visible to teachers and other school officials like guidance counselors. However, new technological tools mean that this data can now be viewed by a wide range of companies, including those who create Student Information Systems (SIS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), and more. Learn more about why Renton Prep is passionate about protecting our students in the digital age and what steps we’re taking to keep them safe.

What Qualifies as Student Data?

Schools collect a large amount of data on their students. Along with information on attendance records and grades, student data includes personal details. For example, data may include medical conditions, addresses, and disciplinary records. According to the site ConnectSafely, educators need to recognize where data is vulnerable and identify which tools are best for keeping it safe.

What Technology Should Schools Vet to Protect Their Students?

One of the best ways to protect student privacy and safety is to evaluate the technology tools being used in our schools. The following technology types require an assessment to ensure they meet data privacy requirements:

  • Workflow tools that allow students and teachers to collaborate and share info
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Online grade books that enable students to view scores online
  • Tools used to send out mass emails or newsletters

Taking these steps can help protect your students moving forward.

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At Renton Prep, we are passionate about technology-enabled education; however, that doesn’t mean incorporating software and devices into the classroom without first considering the consequences. From preserving student data privacy to ensuring our school maintains strong core values, we put Christ-centered ethics at the center of our programs. To learn more about what we do, call today or contact us online for admissions info.