Simplify Assignments and Your Timetable with Microsoft Teams
September 30, 2019

Simplify Assignments and Your Timetable with Microsoft Teams

A lot of preparation and chaos can go into putting together every single lesson plan or assignment. Over time, companies have provided many new ways to assist teachers and educators in minimizing that hassle. One of which, is Microsoft. With Microsoft’s vision to inspire teachers and students to incorporate digital skills and technology into their work, they have put together Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a free digital hub that offers collaborative resources for teachers and their students. And it includes many efficient benefits.

Create Rubric Libraries

When it comes to assigning projects, printing rubrics seems like a great idea. It’s not the rubric causing the problem, it’s all the paper. With Microsoft Teams, teachers can create digital rubrics that are accessible to every student. You can create your own rubrics and reuse them as many times as needed. This resource is an excellent approach for when you don’t have much time. With the click of a button, you can create, share, reuse, and edit rubric libraries. Teachers and their students can now be on the same page when it comes to grading criteria.

Advise and Revise

Another great tool that Microsoft Teams offers is its ability to allow students to turn in work multiple times. In some cases, students may have questions on certain assignments or have to revise their work in order to gain full credit. Having to turn in multiple papers just to have them returned can be a lot to handle. On Microsoft Teams, teachers and students can follow a simple system. Teachers assign work, students turn it in, teachers provide feedback and return it to the student, who then, is able to revise and turn it in again for a better grade.

Grade & Give Feedback

For teachers, the more students on your plate, the more hectic the grading process. On Microsoft Teams, you can grade all assignments quicker than any pen and paper could do. Students are able to turn in multiple files, provide links, and upload photos or video recordings of their work. With the Class Notebook feature, classes are updated on any assignments or directions. When it comes to grading, teachers can select a student’s document and quickly go through the entire class’s work using the arrows next to the names of each student.

Fix Mistakes

In Microsoft Teams, you can open up any assignment and update the entire class. Whether a student is confused on directions or teachers forgot a key point, Teams will allow for a quick edit. The benefits that technology provides are incredible. Using Microsoft Teams saves you a great deal of time rather than using paper and pen.

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